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a long slender part, such as the diaphysis of a long bone.
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, pl.


(dī-af'i-sis, -sēz), [TA]
An elongated rodlike structure, as the part of a long bone between the epiphysial extremities. The shaft of a long bone, as distinguished from the epiphyses, or extremities, and apophyses, or outgrowths.
Synonym(s): shaft [TA]
[G. a growing between]
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1. An elongated rodlike structure, such as the midsection of a long bone.
2. The section of a hair projecting from the surface of the body.
3. The main axis of a feather, especially its distal portion.
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The cylindrical part of penis between the scrotum and head.
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(shaft) [TA]
An elongated rodlike structure, as the part of a long bone between the epiphysial extremities.
Synonym(s): diaphysis [TA] .
[A.S. sceaft]
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(shaft) [TA]
An elongated rodlike structure.
Synonym(s): diaphysis [TA] .
[A.S. sceaft]
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Instantly a hundred tiny fliers rose from her deck, like a swarm of huge dragon flies; but scarcely were they clear of the battleship than the nose of each turned toward the shaft, and they, too, rushed on at frightful speed toward the same now seemingly inevitable end that menaced the larger vessel.
The shaft flew straight; the archer fell forward with a cry, and lay on his face upon the ground, his arrows rattling about him from out of his quiver, the gray goose shaft wet with his; heart's blood.
For an instant he glanced along the polished shaft, drawing the bowstring far back, that the arrow might pierce through the heart for which it was aimed.
And without more ado he tried the string of his long bow, placed a shaft thereon, and drew it to his ear.
It took but an instant, however, for me to regain the levers, and with the roof barely fifty feet above I turned her nose once more into the horizontal plane and headed her again for the black mouth of the shaft.
With the shield slipped well up on my left arm I let fly with another arrow, which brought down a second Sagoth, and then as his fellow's hatchet sped toward me I caught it upon the shield, and fitted another shaft for him; but he did not wait to receive it.
Then he bent down and began gnawing the shaft of the arrow with his teeth.
For never did so strong a hand bend a bow, or so true an eye direct a shaft.''
Some of the rival helpers, under the direction of the head of the expedition, also began sinking shafts. But they were not in the locality remembered by Professor Bumper as being correct.
The shaft horse swayed from side to side, moving his ears as if asking: "Isn't it time to begin now?" In front, already far ahead the deep bell of the sleigh ringing farther and farther off, the black horses driven by Zakhar could be clearly seen against the white snow.
One of the men was in a drunken slumber, but on his comrade's shouting to him that a man had fallen down the Old Hell Shaft, he started out to a pool of dirty water, put his head in it, and came back sober.
It is but the eye to the cord, the cord to the shaft, and the shaft to the mark.