sexual potency

sex·u·al po·ten·cy

the ability to carry out and consummate sexual intercourse, usually referring to the male.
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Pfaffa has been used by the Amerindian tribes for centuries to combat fatigue, jungle ulcers, wounds, loss of sexual potency and as a tonic to restore energy.
The products include "Tornado", "Z Daily ", "Xrect", "Cummor", "Big N Hard", and "Monkey Business" which are used as food supplements to enhance men's sexual potency.
The sexual potency of Egyptians as opposed to their "better armed but effeminate" race of conquerors eventually manifested itself in the rising popularity of a doll they called Ali-Kaka, clad in an oriental dress and with a monstrous penis.
Medical certificates should be obtained not only for such physical conditions as sexual potency but also for the minimum psychological or psychiatric health necessary to give consent.
But despite being a drunk, a charlatan and quite often a killer - many of his patients died from infections - he became rich and famous because he was the only hope of renewed sexual potency for countless males.
21] Such herbal remedies have been used to treat impotence, prostate problems and male menopause, while aphrodisiacs have been used to increase libido (sexual desire, arousal and motivation), sexual potency (effectiveness of erection) and sexual pleasure.
TEHELKA founder Tarun Tejpal spent the second day of his six- day remand taking a range of customary medical tests, beginning with a sexual potency examination.
In the programme, which airs tonight on BBC2, Julia reveals a remedy for men looking to recapture their sexual potency and shows viewers how to pick nettles, rich in iron, make gorse tea, which tastes of coconut and find an alternative to asparagus.
Effect of erythropoietin on sexual potency in chronic hemodialysis patients.
D'Annunzio exalts the manly strength, sexual potency, and artistic brilliance of his autobiographical hero.
It also approved a proposal on importing sexual potency drugs accredited by international drug agencies, a proposal to set up a social centre in Zallaq, a proposal to develop main roads in Riffa, in the Southern Governorate and a proposal to revamp bin Khater historical mosque and its vicinity to turn it into a historical and archaeological site
Some believe that cobra meat cures asthma and gives increased sexual potency.