sexual perversion

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1. deviation from the normal course; a morbid alteration of function which may occur in emotional, intellectual, or volitional fields.
sexual perversion sexual deviation.
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sex·u·al de·vi·a·tion

a sexual practice that is biologically atypical, considered morally wrong, or legally prohibited. See: bestiality, pedophilia.
Synonym(s): sexual perversion
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sexual perversion

A non-medical term for a sexual act, activity, desire, lifestyle, etc., that is a marked deviation from the societal norm. Because perversion has a pejorative overtone, paraphilia is the preferred term among psychiatrists.
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sexual perversion

A maladjustment of sexual behavior in which satisfaction is sought in ways that veer far from accepted cultural norms.
See also: perversion
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Notions of sexual perversions have a long history in philosophy, dating back at least to those two pillars of Western thought: Plato and Aristotle.
Ultimately, priests were relocated into new, unsuspecting parishes where sexual perversion inevitably overwhelmed treatment, morality and legality.
The massacre of over 2,000 Knights Templar by Philip IV of France for `heresy, idolatry and sexual perversion' took place, as the Pope, fearing divisions in the faith, failed to publicise his exoneration.
of sexual perversion: sexuality is expressed rather than repressed, but
As in his earlier work, Waite insists that Hitler exhibited a particularly repugnant sexual perversion, coprophilia, an issue with which he deals in an appendix.
To explore the complex political identities of white working women in San Francisco, this paper turns first to the ways that the white male labor movement conceptualized working women as victims of both sexual perversion and economic competition as a result of the presence of Chinese male immigrant laborers.
"It should be remembered that the new saint of the gay movement was a twenty-two-year-old man engaged in sexual perversion who was apparently cruising a bar for the purpose of finding a partner or two to commit vile acts which also violate the laws of nature's god," said the Reverend Ralph Ovadal of Wisconsin Christians United.
Atom Egoyan's characters must engage in acts or lifestyles in environments that are either highly technocratic (Speaking Parts and The Adjuster) or emotionally dysfunctional (Exotica and The Sweet Hereafter): or the next-to-non-narrative scenarios of Eclipse or Crash, where both male and female undertake every possible act of sexual perversion to find themselves in exactly the same spot they were before.
I have tried to establish the main contours of such use by inviting each class of students in my undergraduate course on sexual ethics over some years to answer a number of questions about the way they tend to use and interpret the term "sexual perversion." It appears that the term is indeed hardly ever used in a purely descriptive sense; it always seems to convey disapproval of some sort.
There he wrote Les 120 Journees de Sodome (The 120 DAYS OF SODOM), in which he graphically describes numerous varieties of sexual perversion. In 1787 he wrote Les Infortunes de la vertu ("The Adversities of Virtue") and in 1788, the novellas, tales, and short stories later published in the volume entitled Les Crimes de l'amour (Crimes of Passion).
Her novels include Plagued by the Nightingale (1931), about a close-knit French family; Year Before Last (1932), about a young poet dying of tuberculosis; Gentlemen, I Address You Privately (1933), on sexual perversion; My Next Bride (1934), about an artist who steals to emulate success; and Death of a Man (1936), in which an American woman rejects a Nazi doctor.
Article 15 (Music), Section 4 of Broadcast Code of the Philippines 2007 (as amended 2011) states that, "Songs with lyrics or messages that are vulgar, indecent, promote substance abuse, gender discrimination, racism, Satanism, violence or sexual perversion or demean a member of any sector of society shall not be played".