sexual neurasthenia

sex·u·al neur·as·the·ni·a

obsolete term for a form in which sexual erethism, weakness, or perversion is a marked symptom.
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Massage for habitual constipation and sexual neurasthenia
1867, that "in a brief monograph on the physical treatment of habitual constipation and sexual neurasthenia [3].
The Kandha tribe of Orissa, India uses the dried seeds of the plant to cure impotency, spermatorrhea, leucorrhea, metrorrhagia, sexual neurasthenia, and sexually transmitted diseases (Behera, S.K.
"Persons who are very sensitive nervously, and especially Americans, living in our American climate, are liable to develop all or many of the symptoms of sexual neurasthenia ...
Noise, excitement, pleasure-seeking, and use of electrical gadgets in the kitchen decreased menstrual flows and caused wives to suffer sexual neurasthenia, thereby reducing their desire to take in sperm, with its proven capacity to balance female humors and energize the body.
Beard, Sexual Neurasthenia (New York, 1906); for a comparable, though unusual, discussion of sexual causes of nervous breakdown, Wolfe, Nervous Breakdown, ch.
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