Sexual Ethics

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The constellation of moral and ethical considerations and obligations that a person or group has in the context of consensual penetrative sexual activity
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If the answer is "Yes," then church doctrine regarding sexual morality is in need of a major overhaul.
Buchel said he was confident the church's present stance on sexual morality would change.
have again addressed the need for relevant and accessible approaches to sexual ethics with this humane, deeply felt, and well-worked-out sexual morality for a new generation of Catholics.
9) The normative assertions about sexual morality that Justice Otis suggests by her juxtaposition of Alberoni's description of falling in love as the "nascent state of a collective movement involving two individuals" (10) with the sexual promiscuity of Houellebecq's characters in The Elementary Particles (11) are enormous.
Sources: "Sex and the Seminary: Preparing Ministers for Sexual Health and Justice" (Religious Institute on Sexual Morality, Healing, and Justice, January 2009).
For better or for worse, Los Angeles is a place that did away with traditional sexual morality long ago.
You won't have difficulty guessing what these implications centrally include: A thoroughly liberal conception of sexual morality (especially as regards homosexual conduct and relationships integrated around such conduct) and the public recognition of same-sex sexual partnerships as "marriages.
As Thomas Edsall points out in his forthcoming Building Red America: The New Conservative Coalition and the Drive for Permanent Power (see page 48), many Democrats still don't grasp the fact that cultural issues like marriage and the fate of traditional sexual morality are not peripheral to politics.
So if we take him at his word, Archbishop Hutchison seems to be denouncing anyone who suggests a two-tier Anglican Communion as a way out of our present impasse (such as the Archbishop of Canterbury) or wants the church to uphold the New Testament standard of sexual morality (such as the primates of many other Anglican provinces and, at home, the membership of Essentials).
Her study illuminates gender and family relationships in the context of post-Tridentine attitudes toward sexual morality and gender relationships, the development of canon and civil law, patriarchal power, and the growth of secularization in Venice.
This assessment is not all imaginary, as many--if not most--Latin American countries have no real church/state separation and still outlaw divorce, abortion and homosexuality; unofficially there's still much value placed on female chastity, a sort of "sexual silence," and sexual morality, albeit a double standard for women and men.

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