sexual love

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sex·u·al love

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Williamson argues that Chudleigh was "skeptical" about sexual love (92), though the language Chudleigh employs to describe the women's friendship in such poems as the "Song: To Lerinda" and "The Wish" is highly suggestive of a relationship deeper than friendship.
Panting" sexual love regarded as frozen in time may be a poor substitute for eternity and "Love" with a capital L, but for precisely that reason it points towards eternity, in which an ideal Love annihilates (while retaining) differentiation of identities.
Since the days of Boccaccio's guffawing demand for the emancipation of sexual love in the Decameron, it has steadily become the condition and the good to which all social and spiritual orders must conform.
Washington, December 26 ( ANI ): Researchers have found that subtle reminders of platonic love rather than sexual love may help foster healthy food choices.
Iago's deliciously convoluted treachery could be motivated in part to the analogy of a spurned love, not a sexual love, but the deep feeling engendered by comrades-in-arms, who have forged a bond in battle.
They explore the views he has expressed on such matters as sexual love and procreation, schools and communities, a technology of wholeness, and conservative Christianity.
I get a lot of couples, long term couples or married couples, that come in and the spark's died, so to speak, and so they're looking for ways to spice up their sexual love life," said Dr.
It is not often that sexual love between adolescent girls is dealt with, but this is so well done that it is very readable for any variety of reader.
Thereby, the author makes a vigorous case for the inherent value of sexual love, whether directed toward an opposite- or same-sex partner.
Depends on the penetration," Pamuk said, when asked if philosophical love was deeper than sexual love
In an essay originally written in 1977, Alexandre Matheron reconsiders what was then the received view, that 'Spinoza's writings about sexual love were nothing more than lamentable platitudes' (87).
Each act of sexual love between a man and a woman is

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