life instinct

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a complex of unlearned responses characteristic of a species. adj., adj instinc´tive.
death instinct Freud's concept of an unconscious drive toward dissolution and death, in opposition to the life instinct.
herd instinct the instinct or urge to be one of a group and to conform to its standards of conduct and opinion.
life instinct Freud's concept of all the constructive tendencies of the organism aimed at maintenance and perpetuation of the individual and species, in opposition to the death instinct.

life in·stinct

the instinct of self-preservation and sexual procreation; the basic urge toward preservation of the species.
Synonym(s): sexual instinct

life in·stinct

(līf in'stingkt)
The instinct of self-preservation and sexual procreation; the basic urge toward preservation of the species.
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Like most of his psychiatric contemporaries, Krafft-Ebing believed that any expression of the sexual instinct that is not directed towards reproduction should be regarded as unnatural and perverse.
For while politicians, theologians and novelists might blithely assert that the sexual instinct was an essential part of human nature, or that sexual abstinence produced the most disturbing crimes against morality, doctors armed with the tools of science and rational inquiry set out to prove or disprove the point.
The suppression of these sexual instincts occurs during a process Freud identifies as sublimation, by which he means a desire or sexual impulse is successfully converted into a socially sanctioned activity.
Whatever we make of Gramsci's reading of Taylorism and Ford ism, it Is clear that he re cognizes that economies of desire must be synchronized with the political economy, that the "new type of man" "cannot be developed until the sexual instinct has been suitably regulated" (297).
Germaine Montreuil-Straus's campaign for sex education simultaneously outraged and reinforced Catholic morality by proclaiming the existence of female sexual instinct but confining its expression to a marital, reproductive state.
The unserviceable aim of the various impulses [is] replaced by one that is higher," he explains, an exchange facilitated by "the components of the sexual instinct," which are specially capable of "exchanging their sexual aim for .
The sexual instinct, or libido, as Freud saw it, has many of the aspects ordinarily referred to as " social.
In other words, the sexual instinct is best understood as a socio-love drive that impels a person to seek fulfillment in love by relating himself to another.
Besides, publishing, presenting or circulating any print, video or audio material using children or directed at them particularly on social media that arouse sexual instincts, encourage crime and immorality would have been criminalised.
The 31-year-old Russian was arrested over inciting debauchery and arousing young people's sexual instincts, as she appeared "semi-naked" in a provocative dancing video that has gone viral.
Shariah Professor Mohammed Shahat El-Gendy told Arab News: "Islam doesn't prohibit music that doesn't move sexual instincts.
As the partner of the complainant's mother, and assuming the role of father, instead of becoming her guardian, he exploited her to satisfy his sexual instincts," the court said.