life instinct

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a complex of unlearned responses characteristic of a species. adj., adj instinc´tive.
death instinct Freud's concept of an unconscious drive toward dissolution and death, in opposition to the life instinct.
herd instinct the instinct or urge to be one of a group and to conform to its standards of conduct and opinion.
life instinct Freud's concept of all the constructive tendencies of the organism aimed at maintenance and perpetuation of the individual and species, in opposition to the death instinct.

life in·stinct

the instinct of self-preservation and sexual procreation; the basic urge toward preservation of the species.
Synonym(s): sexual instinct

life in·stinct

(līf in'stingkt)
The instinct of self-preservation and sexual procreation; the basic urge toward preservation of the species.
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Like most of his psychiatric contemporaries, Krafft-Ebing believed that any expression of the sexual instinct that is not directed towards reproduction should be regarded as unnatural and perverse.
In the 21st century people should be able to control their sexual instincts without humiliating one sex.
Instead, individuals inevitably will be guided by their animalistic passions, and the only thing that we can do to help them is give them condoms so that they can act on their sexual instincts "safely"--or perhaps those who support condom use in Africa would maintain that people are free, but they are free to do whatever they like.
Culture forms-and sometimes deforms--instincts, including sexual instincts, and so our perpetuation is not assured.
We are all in favor of modernity, but this magazine, under cover of being cultural, appeals to sexual instincts," said Aman Kabbara Shaarani, head of the Lebanese Council of Women.
Rampling is an actress of great subtlety, while Sagnier - currently Tinkerbell in ``Peter Pan'' - has the pout and beguiling openness of a teenager with the wiles and sexual instincts of an adult.
The delinquent youth promises more than once to abandon his shameful habit, but, despite Miss Stark's complaints to the director, nepos's uncle, he is unable to rein in his teenage sexual instincts.
Additional data presented indicate that activation of brain centers involved in the control of sexual behavior was responsible for the results observed, and further indicate that PT-141 did not cause hyperactivity in these rodents or cause the female rodents to act against their natural sexual instincts.
They also make gestures that awaken the sexual instincts of viewers," she explained.
At this time, when the popes were trying to impose celibacy on the reluctant clergy, Muhammad was portrayed by the scholar monks of Europe as a lecher, and Islam condemned--with ill-concealed envy--as a faith that encouraged Muslims to indulge their basest sexual instincts.
Amusingly illustrated with the aid of a story about a shy guy chatting up an attractive colleague and a load of computer generated animation that looked like Star Trek outtakes, it was a fascinating biology lesson about the effect of too much drink, both in terms of the way our sexual instincts kick in (our animal brain gets really horny with the sense of smell) and the way we become physically incapable of putting them into practice.
The Long Dream, on the other hand, deals with the self-creation of manhood by an adolescent, and much of its content is controlled by Fishbelly's sexual instincts.