sexual healing

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sexual healing

Health benefits due to sexual activity.
Men who have sex 2+/week cut their risk of an acute MI in half.

Weight loss
30 minutes of sex burns 85 calories.

Boosts immune system
Regular sex increases serum immunoglobulin A, which reduces the risk of colds and flu.

Strengthens pelvic floor muscles
Women who perform Kegel exercises during sex reduce their future risk of urine incontinence.

Reduced risk of prostate cancer
Men who have 5+ ejaculations/week have a lower risk of prostate cancer in later life.

Stress reduction
Endophins released during and after sex create a sense of euphoria, and reduce stress and blood pressure.

Reduces pain and increases pain tolerance
The effect is attributed to increased oxytocin levels, which alleviate arthritic and menstrual pain.

Improved sleep hygiene
Sex relaxes and promotes deeper, more restful sleep.
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Mr Green added that the Carmarthenshire-based organisation was considering sending out "sexual healing" ministers into the community to convert gay members of society.
Spiritual topics will include spirituality through hypnosis, angels and healing, the role played by the body's energy centers and sexual healing and enrichment.
especially when it comes to him trying to impress cool girl Mikaela (Megan Fox) by playing Sexual Healing at inappropriate moments.
Alexis: "Sexual Healing." Well, it doesn't need a remix really.
Maroon 5's "This Love" recounts the final break-up of a much-bandaged romance ("This love has taken its toll on me / She said good-bye too many times before"); Gaye's contribution (the instrumental bed, with lyrics unsung) is, perhaps unsurprisingly, "Sexual Healing," which expresses sexual desire in a time of emotional need.
As evidence, consider "Sexual Healing," a new Showtime series from the producers of "Taxicab Confessions" promising "Real couples take their private lives public," prying open their marital difficulties with a sex therapist.
Both Abha Dawesar's Babyji and Jill Nelson's Sexual Healing tell compelling tales of sexual awakenings that simultaneously tackle complex issues like gender roles, female sexuality and Western colonial influences on notions of sexuality throughout the world.
Nelson, a best-selling author (Volunteer Slavery: My Authentic Negro Experience, Penguin, July 1994; Straight, No Chaser, Penguin, November 1999; Sexual Healing, Agate, June 2003), distills the essence of Oak Bluffs, a community that has long been a haven for generations of black families who have made the pilgrimage to the summertime resort for the "clean oceans, pristine beaches, rolling hills and bluffs, ponds and cool breezes."
"In our generation, it was not just about being rebellious, it was about revolution." That's when she launched into a medley of Marvin Gaye anti-war songs (she skipped over "Let's Get It On" and "Sexual Healing," for some reason).
However, as the results of our large research surveys imply, it is the power of love and persistence in sexual healing from cancer, rather than the mechanical difficulties, that have surprised and inspired me.
Awash with sultry '70s R&B grooves, "Body," with its wah-wah-driven funk and sensual lyrics, ventures into territory explored by the deliciously insidious sexuality of Sly Stone and the sexual healing of Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get It On." "Liliquoi Moon" evokes an Eno-like ambience, which veers into a funky guitar outro.
Acey, of the two friends in Jill Nelson s wonderful Sexual Healing, thinks it may be too late for her.
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