Sex Discrimination

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The differences in job opportunities, pay and promotions between men and women
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She said the task force seeks to both create new laws and bolster existing ones to combat sexual discrimination and harassment.
Whereas the level of sexual discrimination was higher in men than in women, attitude toward sexual health did not significantly differ by demographic characteristics (see Table 1).
Victims and third parties should report instances of sexual discrimination, including misconduct, harassment, battery, assault, or rape, to this coordinator.
Judge Shepherd concluded that Mrs Rowland's childcare responsibilities put her at a strong disadvantage with her employers, and amounted to sexual discrimination.
had alleged systemic sexual discrimination in the British Columbia education system, in a 1999 complaint which reached the B.
Merrill Lynch has had a history of discrimination complaints including charges of sexual discrimination by more than 900 female brokers during the 1990s that cost the company more than $100 million.
She won her case for sexual discrimination against the manufacturing firm GT Bunning of Dereham, Norfolk, in 2003 but her claim of unfair dismissal was rejected.
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, sexual discrimination cases represented nearly 47% of the cases the EEOC handled in fiscal year 2005.
The dismissal of the suit was the second legal defeat in 2005 for Mollica; he also lost a sexual discrimination suit related to his termination earlier this year.
There are the sexual discrimination cases filed by women who complain of a corporate culture of denying them promotions or paying them less than men.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-10 March 2005-Norwegian prime minister accuses IKEA of sexual discrimination - report(C)1994-2005 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
But the whole EOC attitude is based on the bizarre proposition that this is a question of sexual discrimination.