sexual differentiation

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sexual differentiation

See Hermaphroditism, hirsutism, Müllerian ducts, Precocious puberty, Pseudoprecocious puberty, Tanner staging, Testis-determining factor, Virilization, Wolffian ducts, XXX, XXY, XXXY, XYY syndromes, Y Chromosome.


pertaining to sex.

sexual behavior
includes masturbation, courtship, mating, estral display.
sexual cycle
estral cycle.
sexual differentiation
identification of the sex of a patient is done usually by an examination of external genitalia; preparation and examination of a karyotype is the preferred laboratory method.
sexual dimorphism
differences in structure or physical characteristics between males and females of the same species, e.g. horns in some breeds of sheep, feather coat color in many species of birds.
sexual intercourse
see mating.
sexual maturity
capable of mating. Occurs at different ages in different species and in different races and even breeds.
sexual receptivity
behavioral changes in female animals at the time of estrus; involves acceptance of male efforts at copulation and, in some species, actively seeking the male.
sexual rest
circumstances in which no sexual intercourse takes place.
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Dipentyl phthalate dosing during sexual differentiation disrupts fetal testis function and postnatal development of the male sprague-dawley rat with greater relative potency than other phthalates.
The effects of partial and complete masculinization on the sexual differentiation of nuclei that control lordotic behavior in the male rat.
Temperature-dependent expression of turtle Dmrt1 prior to sexual differentiation.
This demasculinization may be due to a delay in a surge of testosterone necessary for sexual differentiation of the brain (Ward & Weisz, 1980).
The effects of environmental factors on determination and sexual differentiation have been demonstrated in several fish species; temperature is one of the important factors, as it can influence the structure and function of proteins and other macromolecules.
While Sain maps out sexual differentiation, Michela Marzano makes an interesting proposal in her essay on moving toward sexual indifferentiation.
The sexual differentiation of animals involves several developmental steps that begin during embryogenesis (development of the embryo) and end with puberty (sexual maturation).
Minireview: Sex chromosomes and brain sexual differentiation.
This is particularly noticeable in his discussion of sexual differentiation in chapter 5, where he appears to follow the interpretations of predecessors such as Lars Thunberg.
Since the knowledge on life history is one of the basic premises to a successful control of insect pests, sexual differentiation is basic to understand their reproductive habits (Weber 1976; Lima 2001).
Both argue convincingly how race policies and theories depended on the late 18th-century concept of the organic body (and its transference onto communities in the Gestalt of the body politic), while anticipating the influx of new paradigms of thought--such as genetic breeding, gender, and sexual differentiation (Eigen)--or negotiating the "Judeo-Christian narrative of human rights" in the face of a new powerful narrative of anthropology that bought terms like "degenerate" and "civic improvement" to the public debate and thus exposed the limits of Enlightenment universalism (Hess 210-11).