sexual activity

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sexual activity

Any activity which is sexual in nature.
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sexual activity

Sociology A general term for sexuoerotic interactions with oneself and/or others. See Masturbation.
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Q. i'm 21 years old, and my penis outer skin covers the shaft. Is it natural to have like that? from my young age the outer skin of my penis covers my shaft, and only a little of the tip is exposed even if i try to pull the skin upwards. Is it natural to have it like that? I've seen in all porn movies and other sex videos that for all those guys the outer skin can be pulled up half the way. Will this affect my sex life?

A. i went through that link. But still i'm not clear. The flash video shown over there is different from what I can see with my penis. In the video the foreskin can be pulled a long way, and the head of the penis is fully exposed. But this doesn't happen with me. Even at erect stage, my head is exposed only a little bit( like in the first part of first picture ). Can someone give more info?

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Arrested and interviewed, Birch denied any sexual activity had taken place and claimed forensic tests would bear this out.
The main reason for no sexual activity was the lack of a partner, mainly due to widowhood, according to the study.
In November 2017, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon issued unqualified apologies to men convicted of same-sex sexual activity that is now legal.
Information about sexual activity is included in heart rehabilitation programmes and your GP should be able to provide that.
He denied there was any further sexual activity with the girl in his Range Rover when he met up with her in County Durham and was cleared of one charge relating to another sexual act.
The data revealed that older men and women who reported any type of sexual activity in the previous 12 months had a higher life enjoyment score than those who weren't sexually active.
Saying "yes" to a sexual activity is not consent for all types of sexual activity.
Sexual activity is possible in patients with no or mild angina pectoris (class I or II), while it should be postponed in others until their condition is stabilized or optimally controlled (3,15-18).
Other images found included 293 images falling into class B, involving non-penetrative sexual activity.
"Every time we do another piece of research we are getting a little bit closer to understanding why this association exists at all, what the underlying mechanisms are, and whether there is a 'cause and effect' relationship between sexual activity and cognitive function in older people.
Participants filled in a questionnaire on how often, on average, they had engaged in sexual activity over the past 12 months - whether that was never, monthly or weekly - as well as answering questions about their general health and lifestyle.