sex reassignment

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sex reassignment

a process whereby the sex of a patient is changed by a combination of psychiatric, psychological, pharmacologic, and surgical procedures, usually as a part of the treatment of hermaphroditism or transsexualism.
Synonym(s): sex reversal

sex re·ver·sal

, sex reassignment (seks rĕ-vĕr'săl, rē'ă-sīn'mĕnt)
A process whereby the sexual identity of a person is changed from one sex to the other (e.g., by a combination of surgical, pharmacologic, and psychiatric procedures); it may also occur in the life history of a pseudohermaphroditic individual whose sex at birth was uncertain; initially reared as members of one gender or sex role, such people may, on subsequent medical examination and advice, be reared thereafter as members of the opposite gender or sex role.

sexual reassignment

, sex reassignment
The legal, surgical, or social action or decision to assign the appropriate sexuality to a person previously considered to be of the opposite (or of ambiguous) sex.
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These procedures should in no circumstances require sterilisation or other mandatory medical treatment, such as hormone treatment or sex reassignment surgery, but should be based on the conscious choice of a person to adopt the opposite sex," she continued.
Changing the gender on a birth certificate is not realistic for many kids because it requires having sex reassignment surgery, Orr said.
10, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- With headlines praising sex reassignment surgeries such as the case with Caitlyn Jenner, one must wonder, what are the criteria for identifying gender in modern times?
The brace decision to undergo a sex reassignment surgery is a major turning point in their lives, and every day is a new battle for social acceptance in the tightly- created heterosexual gender constructs.
Sex reassignment surgery from male to female involves reshaping the male genitals to form a vagina.
It stated that contraception, abortion, in vitro fertilisation and sex reassignment are unacceptable and sex must only occur within (heterosexual) marriage.
Such cases of mistreatment may be seen as culminating in a medical recommendation for sex reassignment surgery and the accompanying hormonal drug therapy.
According to a complaint filed by Manning, she asked that a treatment plan consider three types of measures: ''real life experience,'' a regimen in which the person tries dressing and living in the new gender; hormone therapy, which changes some physical traits such as breast and hair growth; and sex reassignment surgery.
Thirty years of international follow-up studies after sex reassignment surgery: A comprehensive review, 1961-1991.
She originally paid for her treatment privately but was then referred to an NHS specialist who recommended sex reassignment surgery.
There are many who believe that sex reassignment surgery is not medically-necessary for transsexual individuals.