sex life

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A popular term referring to a person’s sexual relationships and level of sexual activity

sex life

A popular term referring to a person's sexual relationships and level of sexual activity–ie, whether a person is “getting 'it'”, or “doing 'it'”. Cf Sexual life.

Patient discussion about sex life

Q. Is it true that if u' stay quite long with out sex eg when u've never had it in life time,that it affects you? This is because ma friends always cautions yet advise to have sex before my marriage.Am 23 almost 24years in december.

A. sex is a natural thing and there is nothing wrong with it. if you are religious and do not want to have sex before marriage- that's if fine too. medically there shouldn't be any problem having sex later in life then at younger age. there are psychological problems if you led to believe there's something bad about sex.

Q. im looking to become a female for my lover i want to do this i have been wanting to do this all m life? I LOVE TO WARE DRESSES HIGH HELS MAKE UP AND SEXY BED ROOM CLOTHING TO .I HAVE A GRIL FRIEND AND A BOY FRIEND I LOVE THEM BOTH AND WE ALL THINK I SHOULD DO IT ?

A. They did have a question, it was what do we think they should do. I would say that this person needs to seek a professional opinion. Having a sex change is no laughing matter and take a lot of time. They have to first prove to a psychiatrist that this is how they want to live their life. Then they need to live as the gender they plan on changing to for a year.

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Look, your hubby could have been using pornography for 20 years and you've had a great marriage and a great sex life.
Critique: Exceptionally well written, organized and presented, "The Ultimate Guide to Sex After Fifty: How to Maintain--or Regain--a Spicy, Satisfying Sex Life" is packed from cover to cover with practical, insightful, accessible information for seniors wanting as fulfilling a personal sex life for themselves and their partners as possible.
Therefore, your sex life will see an immense improvement if you just sleep enough or give yourself the privilege of another extra hour in bed.
Talking together and admitting what you are finding difficult eases resentment and will in turn directly benefit your sex life by improving your feelings for each other.
It just goes to show, guys - a hot and steamy love affair can actually be the worst thing for your long-term sex life.
In the episode a divorced Saudi father of four who works for the national airline, Mazen Abdul-Jawad, described an active and raunchy sex life and showed sex toys that were blurred by the station in the footage shown on TV.
Over 80% of women who followed the simple PelvicToner exercise programme reported an improved sex life within 4 weeks - source: preliminary results from The 2008 Orgasm Survey (http://www.
Having a gym-fit partner could kill your sex life, according to a poll out yesterday.
LONG motorway journeys may provide the perfect opportunity for discussing how to improve your sex life, according to Warwickshire author Sheila Bridge.
Times, the church put up billboards that said, "Is your sex life a bore?
One in five people their relationship also said the issue had hit their sex life.