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But how can this condition of mind survive the deadly matter-of-factness which sex hygiene and the new science of eugenics impose?
During the years leading up to the start of World War I, several other major public health issues emerged into prominence in Canada that had a strong social dimension, particularly growing medical concerns about the impact of the "hidden plague" of venereal disease and the need for programs of sex hygiene education for school children and their parents.
The Public Health Journal 1912;3:164; Education in Sex Hygiene and Prophylaxis.
From its beginnings in the 1930s as the Sex Hygiene and Birth Regulation Society, FPA has grown into a nationwide service, employing 80 nurses and 40 doctors, many part-time workers raising families.
health reform, sex hygiene, radical sex reform, marriage counseling, antivice campaigns, 'fitter family' contests, the child-rearing advice industry, and, eventually, the birth control movement.
Women would be too embarrassed to watch a sex hygiene film in the company of men, so he would have two women's-only screenings per day, one at 2 and one at 7.
In his later book, Sex Hygiene for the Male (1912) Lydston stated: "Circumcision promotes cleanliness, prevents disease, and by reducing over-sensitiveness of the parts tends to relieve sexual irritability, thus correcting any tendency .
has come to the conclusion that sex hygiene should be taught in the public schools.
In 1912 sex hygiene became sex education, but in the classroom, the unmentionable became at least alluded to; the gentler side of nature providing teachers with an acceptable euphemism.
Galton advocated the distribution of information to the public for the sake of racial welfare, which included providing instruction to the masses on the laws of heredity and on the facts about sex hygiene, venereal disease, pregnancy, and child care so that people would know the consequences their actions had for their offspring.
For a decade, this country has hotly debated the where and when and how of teaching sex hygiene.
A year later, in 1913, Rockefeller brokered a merger of the AVA with the American Federation for Sex Hygiene to form the American Social Hygiene Association, which had its headquarters in New York City.