sex change

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The constellation of surgical and medical therapies intended to physically change a person from one sexual phenotype to the other
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sex change

Sexual reassignment, see there.
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Patient discussion about sex change

Q. im looking to become a female for my lover i want to do this i have been wanting to do this all m life? I LOVE TO WARE DRESSES HIGH HELS MAKE UP AND SEXY BED ROOM CLOTHING TO .I HAVE A GRIL FRIEND AND A BOY FRIEND I LOVE THEM BOTH AND WE ALL THINK I SHOULD DO IT ?

A. They did have a question, it was what do we think they should do. I would say that this person needs to seek a professional opinion. Having a sex change is no laughing matter and take a lot of time. They have to first prove to a psychiatrist that this is how they want to live their life. Then they need to live as the gender they plan on changing to for a year.

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NHS Lothian paid pounds 479,000 for 26 sex changes, 13 had ops courtesy of NHS Grampian, totalling pounds 148,000, NHS Tayside has paid pounds 35,900 for five patients, while NHS Forth Valley spent pounds 56,000 on six sex change ops.
We examine the case where sex change occurs at a specific size threshold.
Our study is important because it shows that sex change involves profound changes in these chemical marks," said Ortega-Recalde, one of the researchers of the study.
(8) In such species, reproductive value is typically strongly size-dependent, and sex change enables an individual to maximise lifetime reproductive fitness by reproducing as one sex while small, and the other sex when older and larger (the size advantage model or SAM (9)).
In the similar case, in 2008, Naureen Aslam had approached Lahore High Court (LHC) seeking permission of sex change surgery.
Based on data provided by the HSE, the cost of funding public patients to undergo sex change operations abroad since 1999 totals around [euro]1.8 million.
In the benthic goby Coryphopterus glaucofraenum, waterborne chemicals produced by conspecific females increase the probability of sex change in visually isolated females; yet visual cues also play a role in sex change (Cole and Shapiro, 1995).
It was decided to change the current regulations, and to have the Health Ministry's committee of experts, which currently approves sex change operations in Israel, to determine the criteria for changing sex registration without an operation.
"The medical examiner will note down their current situation before they undergo a sex change operation abroad.
"They have been to many psychiatrists and were told they were not 'gay' and needed to undergo the (sex change) surgery."
There are eight times as many male-to-female sex change operations in Iran as there are female-to-male operations, according to Mohammad Saberi, the head of the Tehran Department of Forensic Psychiatry.