sex change

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The constellation of surgical and medical therapies intended to physically change a person from one sexual phenotype to the other

sex change

Sexual reassignment, see there.

Patient discussion about sex change

Q. im looking to become a female for my lover i want to do this i have been wanting to do this all m life? I LOVE TO WARE DRESSES HIGH HELS MAKE UP AND SEXY BED ROOM CLOTHING TO .I HAVE A GRIL FRIEND AND A BOY FRIEND I LOVE THEM BOTH AND WE ALL THINK I SHOULD DO IT ?

A. They did have a question, it was what do we think they should do. I would say that this person needs to seek a professional opinion. Having a sex change is no laughing matter and take a lot of time. They have to first prove to a psychiatrist that this is how they want to live their life. Then they need to live as the gender they plan on changing to for a year.

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The medical examiner does not choose if the two women will undergo a sex change operation, he only examines them and records their medical situation.
In 2005, a court ruled that her client could be officially declared a man, and the 2008 case involved a Bahraini woman, who underwent a sex change operation in Thailand.
He added that sex change operations have a 30-year history in Iran, and of the 60 cases of the disorder reported each year, about 40 people are approved for sex change operations.
Recalling how the guard stopped her outside the loos, she said: "He pulled me aside and asked if I'd had a sex change.
According to Bulgaria's Penal Code, a sex change operation might be classified as the crime of impairing a person's procreative fuctions, thus mandating a special court permission for each single case.
Student's t-test was used for the comparison of aesthetasc number of the fast growers at sex change and the slow growers that had not yet changed sex, and between the aesthetasc numbers of the slow growers and the fast growers at sex change (see Results for the meaning of fast and slow grower).
As 21- year- old Assamese youth Bidhan Barua prepares to put his manhood under the scalpel and surgically metamorphose into a cutesy woman, Bollywood's famous transvestite actor Bobby Darling advised him to stay away from the irreversible sex change operation -- at least for the time being.
There is no law which prohibits a sex change operation.
The problem is not that Chaz is a minor celeb, but that Chaz has undergone a sex change.
In a telephone call to the Sunday Mercury, he spoke of his regret at the case - and bizarrely claimed that he had once started a sex change.
Judge Timothy Pontius asked: "This defendant is in the process of undergoing a sex change.
NHS Coventry commissioned 17 sex change operations since February 2005 - at a cost of pounds 182,500 - while NHS Warwickshire saw six gender swaps in the last four years costing pounds 64,500.