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Jung, 1993, Adverse Selection When Loss Severities Differ: First-Best and Costly Equilibria, Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance Theory, 18: 173-182.
Loss severities on loans resolved through short-sales are approximately 10% lower than loss severities on loans in which the servicer takes possession of the property.
Loss severities have been trending downward over the past few years from 44.
Although default rates and loss severities for both fixed and ARM collateral have been low in comparison to industry averages, they have been higher than Fitch's expectations.
Although all of the loans included in each of these transactions have completed their deferral period, they remain susceptible to high loss severities upon default.
The report also contrasts the loss severities based on the method by which loans with losses were resolved.
General economic weakness and soft wholesale prices for repossessed vehicles have exacerbated the problems causing increased default rates and higher loss severities, conditions Fitch does not believe will improve in the near term.