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n a basic storage unit in an accounting system. Individual accounts accept debit and credit entries that reflect the different types of transactions made by the practice.
account book,
n a book in which the financial transactions of a business or profession are entered. Such books may be admitted as evidence.
account, open,
n a straightforward arrangement between the dental provider and the patient for the handling of financial payments due the dental provider and owed by the patient.
account, payable,
n a dollar amount owed to creditors for items or services purchased from them.
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It is the unshakable will of the Korean nation to settle accounts with the Japanese imperialists for all its crimes in forcing misfortunes and sufferings of all descriptions upon the Koreans after illegally occupying Korea.
Dixons said margins continued to be lower than a year earlier, mainly because of the willingness of customers to settle accounts at the end of interest-free periods, and a change in the product mix.
They blamed the fall on more business-based sales, the willingness of customers to settle accounts at the end of interest-free periods and a change in the product mix in some electrical stores.
With the pounds 30,000 having to settle accounts for the Crown and other creditors ahead of punters, the chink of light once handed to punters by netbet chairman Paul Moorhouse, just as the firm went under, is now exposed for what it was worth.
There are many initiatives under way in MTMC and industry to push processes onto the Web like that, whether they are to book or trace cargo, determine rates, settle accounts, etc.
The service will enable mobile phone users to settle accounts for commercial transactions via the Internet as well as make payments at retail stores, in taxis and other outlets.
South Korean chief delegate Lee just said the currency will be used to clear debts and settle accounts in inter-Korean transactions without giving specifics about the currency.
In October, the Hart district placed money in reserve to settle accounts, reimburse developers for excess payments and pay off outstanding loans.
Users and trucking companies will be able to conclude contracts and settle accounts through the site.
The firm has 25 employees, 70% of whom are traditional collectors (they settle accounts 90-plus days past due) and 30% of whom are customer service representatives (they place courtesy calls to remind debtors their payments are overdue).
Russia, South Africa, Cambodia, Chile and Northern Ireland--these are examples of nations or provinces currently trying to settle accounts with the past.
Harry Zike, controller of Siemens and chairman of FEI's Committee on Corporate Controllership, reports that Siemens will offer its European customers the option to settle accounts either in euros or the national currency, starting January 1, 1999.