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establishment or creation of something.
limit setting in the nursing interventions classification, a nursing intervention defined as establishing the parameters of desirable and acceptable patient behavior.
mutual goal setting in the nursing interventions classification, a nursing intervention defined as collaborating with the patient to identify and prioritize care goals, then developing a plan for achieving those goals through the construction and use of goal attainment scaling.
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Hardening, as of amalgam.
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Vox populi A place where something occurs. See ER/trauma setting.
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Hardening, as of amalgam.
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Patient discussion about setting

Q. What she should do, if found positive? my wife who is 31 years, had breast cancer history in her family and I have advised her to have a test. She will have her test done next week. What she should do, if found positive?

A. I think you must pray that she is not positive, but if found positive let the doctor start the treatment and she should cooperate with doctor. She needs to learn about her problem and also the ways to cope them, like by having good diet and fitness, which she would require when the treatment or surgery will be done. Thanks ....and hope she is not positive…

Q. What are carbohydrates and where they are found and what is their nutritional value?

A. You got it.

Q. how can i deal with my newly found pulic speaking anxiety?

A. From what I understand, some studies have shown that more people harbor a fear of public speaking than do of death.
My best advice would be to begin by practicing speaking before a mirror, picturing someone else's face. Then try speaking before friends.
Community colleges and adult learning programs often have classes/workshops on speech, and I personally found such a class to have been extremely valuable.
Best of luck to you.

More discussions about setting
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As indicated, 76% of the students in this study felt that setting their own goals made them, usually, or almost always, better students.
Healthcare settings become breeding grounds of additional resistance and distribution centers for amplification of multidrug-resistant organisms to other healthcare settings and the community.
Changes in the school counseling curriculum at UNLV were fueled by the recognition that school environments are unique, dynamic environments that are fundamentally different from mental health agency settings. As suggested by Bemak (2000), courses with school-specific content such as Introduction to School Counseling, Substance Abuse Prevention and Intervention in the Schools, Introduction to Group Counseling in the Schools, and Ethics and Issues in School Counseling have been developed at UNLV to provide students with information relevant to the setting in which they will work.
In this setting I employed musical characteristics quite similar to, but not exactly the same as, the responses described above (more dependent upon the keyboard [organ] accompaniment and without the guitar chords).
Alternately, students may negotiate with their nursing faculty member to be assigned to the camp setting for a shorter duration as a course elective within their nursing program - at no cost to the camp other than the student's room and board.
Train Smarter by Setting Achievable Goals This is your opportunity to lay out a plan that covers your major training objectives by setting sensible goals.
Not surprisingly, the friar preferred the simpler, chordal style of lauda settings and wrote poetry destined for such music (paradoxically, the same style was used for worldly carnival songs, hence their reworking in sacred guise).
Consumers don't always understand the place setting business."
The recently published Preferred Practice Patterns for the Professions (ASHA, 1993) provides detailed information on speech pathology concerning clinical indications for procedures, clinical processes, setting and equipment specifications, safety and health specifications, and documentation guidelines for use by professional peers, third-party payers, administrators, and the general public.
For example, a rule for operating an air conditioner may state: If the outside temperature is high and the humidity is high, then the air conditioner setting should be very high.
These employees start out with a significant advantage over those who enter a new work setting "cold," since their acceptance into the workplace may be sponsored, in effect, by a more senior co-worker or other insider (Ragins, 1989; Zey, 1988).
Generating consistency in setting begins with creating many opportunities in practice for players to gain confidence using their hands.