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Popular shorthand for a 'tool' traditionally used in psychoanalysis and other talk therapies
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While a man slept in the living room next door, the settee caught fire and the flat quickly filled with smoke.
four "She had anxiety attacks for the last five days of her lifeand lived on the settee. Son Derek Malpass
Roozbehani told the plaintiff, Denise Petersen, that the settee in which she expressed an interest was an 18th century French museum piece whose provenance included a Christie's auction house sale to its previous owner.
Your circa-1870 settee would probable fetch $400 in an antiques shop.
Isabelo Tampinco's settee was sold for P5.84 million.
Wife: "Well, put them back on when we're not using the settee."
"When you think of all the terrible things I have said on stage, a walk-out over Lord of the Dance Settee seems incredible," says Herring about his "greatest heckling experience ever".
A settee on casters proved challenging in Belfast the other day for example.
Kevin Settee, 23, is the 2014 Lehotsky Scholarship recipient for his contribution to Winnipeg's West End community.
" He was arrested later that night after an investigation revealed there had been started deliberately on the wooden oor under a two-seat settee.
Cecil Bloomfield, 51, was found lying unconscious on the settee by his son and was pronounced dead, despite efforts by ambulance paramedics to save him.
James Settee, has been extended after a successful run in communities throughout Saskatchewan.