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Popular shorthand for a 'tool' traditionally used in psychoanalysis and other talk therapies
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Meantime the captain, shut up in his cabin and wedged in a corner of his settee against the crazy bounding of the ship, played the violin--or, at any rate, made continuous noise on it.
There were a great many arm-chairs and settees covered in brown holland, but each of these was occupied by a large square piece of yellow cardboard, and all the pieces of cardboard were dotted or lined with spots or dashes of bright oil paint.
The floor was of polished tiles, with a square of red and black diapered Flemish carpet in the centre; and many settees, cushions, folding chairs, and carved bancals littered all over it.
It found a dozen young fellows on the settees in the billiard-room, drinking whiskey and soda-water in their overcoats and pyjamas, and still talking excitedly in one breath.
I was so tired I'd fall asleep at work and on the settee at all hours of the day.
Tenders are invited for Purchase of metal steel settee.
Me: "But no-one can fit on the settee when they're there.
PULL up a seat for Richard Herring's latest stand-up show Lord Of The Dance Settee on Sunday, although you might want to avoid taking a blind date to see it.
And the 47-year-old has already had a few mishaps performing alongside a succession of 'guest artist' sofas in his new Lord of the Dance Settee show, premiered at this summer's Edinburgh and which arrives in Liverpool in a couple of weeks.
Kevin Settee grew up in the West End, and has been working to improve his community by being a role model for youth, volunteering, and being a community organizer, all while battling health issues and working towards his degree at the University of Winnipeg," said Mayor Sam Katz in a news release.
He was arrested later that night after an investigation revealed there had been started deliberately on the wooden oor under a two-seat settee.
SHAKEN Alan Heyman today told of the moment a car smashed into his living room as he lay on the settee just inches away.