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Popular shorthand for a 'tool' traditionally used in psychoanalysis and other talk therapies
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Wife: "Well, put them back on when we're not using the settee.
When you think of all the terrible things I have said on stage, a walk-out over Lord of the Dance Settee seems incredible," says Herring about his "greatest heckling experience ever".
A settee on casters proved challenging in Belfast the other day for example.
It would have been dif-dif cult for a cigarette to be dropped between the settee cushions to accidentally cause a re," said Laurence Jones, prosecuting at Merthyr Tydl Crown Court.
He told the Gazette: "I'd been working in the garden, so I thought I'd go inside, get a cup of tea, lie on the settee and read a book.
Crews wearing breathing apparatus had to go into the house through the living-room and down the cellar steps to get to the fire which they confined to the settee.
Yesterday's inquest in Alnwick heard that his son Alan arrived home to find him unconscious on the settee.
At 85, Settee became the oldest man ever to be ordained a priest in the Anglican Communion.
He shoved open the screen door and stumbled in out of the sultry June midnight, She let drop her Star Romances to the floor and started to rise from the stained, purplish settee.
A FEW weeks ago you published a photo of a sitting room showing a two-seater settee and a chair to match.
The latter looks like the kind of settee that languishes in the front gardens of sink estates for months on end but in its prime it lived at Burrough Court in Leicestershire, where the then prince met Wallis Simpson in January 1931.
In summer they hauled the velvet settee out onto the wide porch