Compounds formed from five isoprene units; often have a tricyclic structure; formed from geranylfarnesylpyrophosphate (for example, cochliobolin B).
[L. sestertius, two and one-half, fr. semis, half, + tertius, third, + terpene]
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revealed the presence of sesterterpenes [6, 7], sesquiterpenes [8, 9], macrolides [10], indole and AY- carboline alkaloids [11-13].
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The heteronemin, a marine sesterterpene isolated from the sponge Hyrtios sp., inhibits NF-[kappa]B activation and activates both initiator caspase-8 and caspase-9, which are implicated in the extrinsic and intrinsic apoptotic pathway, respectively, in chronic myelogenous leukemia cells [82].
Examples include salinamides A and B, which are depsipeptides produced by a marine streptomycete [23]; the cyclomarins, which are cyclic peptides that are also produced by a marine streptomycete [24]; lobophorins A and B, which are complex macrolides isolated from marine actinomycete cultures [25]; mangicols A and B, which are sesterterpenes isolated from the marine fungus Fusarium heterosporum [26]; and mycoepoxidiene, which is produced by a fungus in the genus Diaporthe [27].
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