sessile polyp

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ses·sile pol·yp

any form of polyp that has a relatively broad base.
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All their patients were found after EMR indicating that these patients had large, flat, or sessile polyps and thereby more complex polyps than simple pedunculated polyps.
The results are in contrast to studies finding that hypertension, polyp location, and sessile polyps were risk factors for delayed bleeding, wrote Dr.
However, the reader must be cautious of pedunculated and sessile polyps that may appear mobile)
Correspondingly, the total accuracy of the NICE classification was statistically significantly different for different polyp sizes (small, large, and very large when compared to diminutive), for pedunculated (Ip) and flat elevations of mucosa (IIa) compared to sessile polyps (Is), for neoplastic compared to nonneoplastic lesions, and high-risk compared to low-risk lesions (see p and p' values in Table 3).
Considering that nonpolypoid colorectal cancers would more likely arise from sessile polyps, including SSA/Ps, it is important to note that our findings suggest that this gender preference may continue to hold true in IBD patients.
The endoscopic evaluation revealed multiple sessile polyps in the stomach, small bowel, and colon and rectum (Figures 5, 6, and 7).
Pedunculated polyps permit radical removal while excision of sessile polyps with broad base of attachment to the underlying tissue is sometimes followed by recurrence due to spillage of endospores onto the adjacent raw mucosa.
They are typically discovered on routine screening colonoscopy as small sessile polyps in asymptomatic patients and have a predilection for the sigmoid colon and rectum.