sessile polyp

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ses·sile pol·yp

any form of polyp that has a relatively broad base.
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5 X 2 cm nodular rectal IE Negative mass Present case Three sessile polyps (5-6 mm) in IAE Negative the rectum and a 5 mm sessile polyp in the cecum First author Follow-up (reference) Treatment Outcome in years Bschorer (7) Chemo + RT Complete 4 remission Matsumoto (8) HPE Cured (a) 1 Yatabe (9) Surgery NED 2 Surgery NED 2 Gianni (10) Chemo + HPE Relapse after NA 7 months Matsumoto (11) Local resection NED 2.
However, the reader must be cautious of pedunculated and sessile polyps that may appear mobile)
They are typically discovered on routine screening colonoscopy as small sessile polyps in asymptomatic patients and have a predilection for the sigmoid colon and rectum.
Endoscopic examination of the stomach and duodenum showed multiple sessile polyps and mucosal erosion associated with evidence of chronic inflammation.