sessile lesion

sessile lesion (ses´il),

n a raised, wide-based lesion.
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Intraoral examination revealed a 2x5x4 cm in size papillomatous exophytic hemorhagic and sessile lesion extending from the maxillary right second premolar region to left upper canine region (Fig.
We report a case of GCTTS in the external auditory canal in a 53-year-old woman who presented with hearing loss, fullness, and a sessile lesion protruding from the anterior wall of her external ear canal.
On clinical examination a solitary well defined sessile lesion of size 1.
The naevus is a discrete, flat or slightly elevated sessile lesion.
The peripheral ossifying fibroma--an exophytic, sessile lesion of periodontal ligament origin--is found in the area of the interdental gingival papilla and is intimately associated with the gingival crevice.
Cystoscopic examination revealed a sessile lesion at the anterior bladder neck and multiple smaller papillary lesions throughout the bladder.
An extramedullary plasmacytoma can appear as a smooth and polypoid mass with a narrow base or as a broad sessile lesion that is often submucosal.
In summary, this study showed that the risk of neoplasia in GBPs increases in patients above 60 years, solitary and sessile lesions larger than 10 mm.
6) Wedge resection of the pedunculated tumor usually suffices while for sessile lesions a clear margin involving resection of a larger amount of lung parenchymal tissue is excised to prevent local tumor recurrence.
Twenty-six polypoid lesions, 7 sessile lesions and 5 wall-thickenings were detected with CTVC.
On cystoscopy, the sessile lesions appear friable and velvety, mimicking urothelial carcinoma in situ.
Biopsy may be indicated for diagnosis of sessile lesions.