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Compounds formed from three isoprene units; may be acyclic, mono-, di-, or tricyclic; synthesized from farnesylpyrophosphate (for example, trichothecin, nicin).
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As can be seen from table 1 and table 2, the major constituents of the leaf essential oil from the sample collected in Miramar were oxygenated sesquiterpenes (64.
Hepatotoxicity and cholestasis in rats induced by the sesquiterpene, 9-oxo-10, 11-dehydroageraphorone, isolated from Eupatorium adenophorum.
Biosynthesis of the Irregular Monoterpene Artemisia Ketone, the Sesquiterpene Germacrene D and Other Isoprenoids in Tanacetum vulgare L.
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2004, Celastraceae sesquiterpenes as a new class of modulators that bind specifically to human Pglycoprotein and reverse cellular multidrug resistance.
Fourteen compounds were identified in this fraction which include aromatic, sesquiterpene, furocoumarins, sterols, fatty acid and their methyl esters.
Among the low polarity compounds that are most abundant in the Drimys genus, the drimanes sesquiterpenes are the most interesting (MALHEIROS et al.
In examining different sources of Butterbur, a Chinese extract evaluated did not show the presence of sesquiterpenes, suggesting the absence of petasins.
identified four himachalenetype sesquiterpenes including 11 (Fig.
The major compounds were chromone derivative aromatic compounds sesquiterpenes monoterpenes sterols and fatty acid methyl ester.