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Compounds formed from three isoprene units; may be acyclic, mono-, di-, or tricyclic; synthesized from farnesylpyrophosphate (for example, trichothecin, nicin).
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lobata and the contained furanoheliangolide sesquiterpene lactone lobatin B inhibited the expression of the fusion onco-protein NPM/ALK (Kiss et al.
In the bolt assay, significantly higher boring was obtained with silkbay, which emits much higher levels of sesquiterpenes than lychee.
growing in Argentina (Cordoba province), at 960m above sea level, were characterized by oxygenated sesquiterpenes with [alpha]-bisabolol (51.
2006) and the sesquiterpene [beta]-caryophyllene (Clericuzio et al.
The antitermite compounds are reported to be cedrenes and sesquiterpenes of a 15-carbon skeleton (Karchesy 1998).
gamma]-Palmitolactone 2100 cis-Linoleic acid 2120 9,12-octadecadien-1-ol, (Z,Z)- 2123 n-Tricosane 2300 2300 n-Pentacosane 2500 2500 GROUPS OF COMPONENTS Monoterpenes Oxygenated monoterpenes Sesquiterpenes Oxygenated sesquiterpenes Polyacetylenes Aliphatic acid and esters Other compounds Not identified Total Oil volume, % Compound Percentage composition Chamomilla Chamomilla recutita suaveolens [alpha]-Pinene tr tr Sabinene -- -- [beta]-Pinene# 0.
A novel isoflavone glycoside from leaves (Yadava and Kumar 1999) and a new sesquiterpene glycoside and sphaeranthanolide were isolated from the flowers of S.
There are many others that can be utilized for increasing oxygen in the body that also have high levels of sesquiterpenes in them.
The study found that one of the major factors leading to greater milkweed biomass (or growth) is the production of volatile compounds called sesquiterpenes, which attract such predators as aphid-eating ladybugs.
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The typical constituents of valerian roots are found to be valeric and isovaleric acid, monoterpenes ([alpha]-pinene, [alpha]-fenchene, camphene), monoterpenic esters (bornyl acetate, myrtenyl acetate, myrtenyl isovaleriate), oxygen containing sesquiterpenes, and valerian cyclopentanoid sesquiterpenes such as valerenal, valerenone, valerenol, valerenyl acetate, valerenic acid, and valerenyl isovalerate.