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The extract (5 pg/ml) and eight sesquiterpene lactones (5 [micro]M) significantly decreased the secretion of IL-8 (Fig.
The antiinflammatory sesquiterpene lactone parthenolide inhibits NF-kappa B by targeting the I kappa B kinase complex.
Sesquiterpene lactones have been successfully used to combat a wide variety of parasites that can cause human infections (Chaturvedi 2011: Julianti et al.
Continuing with our investigations on bioactive constituents of plant origin we evaluated and report in the present article the effects of six sesquiterpene lactones (Fig.
It was found that the sesquiterpene lactones atractylenolide II and III (Fig.
vulgare was identified as the sesquiterpene lactone, 4[alpha],5[beta]-epoxy-germacra-l-(10),11(13)-dien-12,6[alpha]-olide (parthenolide), as previously described (Tiuman etal.
annua, to a great extent, might be contributed by lipophilic sesquiterpene lactones of the extract.
Except for compound 1 (diversin), which is a terpenoid coumarin, all of the compounds (2-5) tested in this study belong to the class of sesquiterpene lactones (Fig.
Since some of the previous findings might occur as a consequence of a potential cytotoxic effect exerted by budlein A and previous studies have shown that high doses of other sesquiterpene lactones can display cytotoxic/apoptotic effects on PBMC or splenic cells (Cho et al.