service coordinator

ser·vice co·or·di·na·tor

(sĕr'vis kō-ōrd'i-nā-tŏr)
A person responsible for identifying, contacting, managing, and facilitating health care or developmental services provided to a patient.
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Gemma Wright, 33, assistant patient service coordinator, of Low Fell, said: "After seeing the sailors land I would love to come to work in such style.
The funding, Heasley further reported, is part of the housing agency's Multifamily Housing Service Coordinator Program.
The Housing Authority is also receiving a $210,839 grant to support its Multifamily Housing Service Coordinator Program (MHSC).
Mary Ann Smith of Auburn, also a service coordinator from the Worcester area office, received an award for effectively providing support to three group homes in addition to carrying one of the highest caseloads in the area office.
Poston, a member of Oklahoma Chapter 7, is the Hospital Service Coordinator for the Muskogee VA medical center and a Chapter Service Officer.
The 3 1/2 full-time staff members who operate the initiative are Kelley; Cindy Sesher, RN, service coordinator; Jennifer Eubanks, MSW, service coordinator; Karen Sawyer, RN, service coordinator (the newest member of the team); and Debbie Baker, RN, coordinator of home care services.
People receive an e-mail from a sweepstakes outfit telling them that they've won," says James Perry, consumer service coordinator for the National Fraud Information Center.
To hire a service coordinator to mobilize community groups and stakeholders to address homelessness and at risk groups in St.
We have moved large volumes for SDDC under the Universal Services Contract 04 before, but this project was really challenging for us," said Karin Hellemans, APL's Belgium's inside sales and customer service coordinator.
A singular case management system in which a service coordinator follows each youth throughout his or her tenure with DYS.
Smith joined Sartomer in 1986 as a customer service coordinator.

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