service agreement

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ser·vice a·gree·ment

(sĕr'vis ă-grē'mĕnt)
A contract between a school district and a family that outlines the provision of physical therapy and other related services for children with physical disabilities who are enrolled in regular public education.
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The Nepal-India railway service agreement was renewed for another five years.
Under the service agreement, the company will exclusively provide harbor assist services to all vessels calling on MGC's terminal.
The minister during the deliberation said agreeing on the air service agreement would mean promotion of tourism and also boosting the national economy.
The lawmakers will also consider the report of the departmental committee on Transport, Public Works and Housing on the ratification of bilateral Air Service Agreements between Kenya and Jordan, Kenya and Jamaica, as well as Kenya and Bahamas.
The 20 years Duvernay service agreement includes over 230,000 acres of Chevron's land in the liquids-rich Kaybob region of the Duvernay.
The order prohibits endo, saying that subcontracting is illegal when it is done through repeated hiring of workers for a five- to six-month employment contract under the same employer or service agreement of the same duration.
"This latest service agreement builds on our growing relationship with Airbus, supporting its infrastructure and network operations, and enabling the delivery of protected and secure communications to strategic government customers into the Asia-Pacific region.
Up until now, 37 of the hospitals had individual service agreements with Ascom, but with the Sykehuspartner agreement, all of the hospitals will have a uniform, formalised service agreement ensuring 24/7 service and support.
Mechanical systems with moving parts require preventative maintenance and service from time to time and the most effective means for managing the associated costs and services is through a planned maintenance schedule and service agreement, as offered by Bruel & Kjer.

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