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This was particularly of interest since a great number of Goodwills claimed to serve both types of communities.
Laborde, Chairman of the Board, will retire as a director at the Company's annual meeting of shareholders on April 5, 2007, as he is not eligible to continue to serve under the age limit for directors in the Company's bylaws.
Serve with tortilla, pita or bagel chips or fresh vegetable dippers, such as bell pepper wedges or carrot and celery sticks.
Broadhurst - In his new role, he will serve as vice president of Operations and Business Strategy managing day-to-day operations and business development for the Company.
She got her first serve in just 44 percent of the time and committed 36 unforced errors, but she showed the constitution of a champion when it mattered most.
Serve immediately or refrigerate until serving time.
He presently serves with the rank of Commander in the United States Naval Reserve, Judge Advocate General's Corps, specializing in International Law, and has served as a Naval Reserve Judge Advocate since his commission in December, 1980.
Serve immediately with tortilla chips and fresh vegetables.
Announced as LexisNexis participates in the California State Bar Association annual meeting in Monterey this week, the new paper-based capabilities complement existing electronic filing and service options that have been available via File & Serve since 1995.
When passing appetizers, serve only one type at a time to avoid interrupting guests' conversations.
We wanted to be different and serve hungry diners something to eat right away while they are waiting,'' said Saverio Posarelli, the chef and owner of Padri.
The Court instituted electronic filing for asbestos cases on a limited basis with File & Serve in 1998, and decided to expand its use of the technology based on the success of the project.