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a) Medico Cirujano; (b) Delegada Nacional de Medicos SERUMS 2013; (c) Interno de Medicina Humana.
Evaluar y reforzar adecuadamente a los coordinadores regionales y los comites regionales/subreglonales SERUMS del MINSA, en cumplimiento del capitulo VI--articulo 19 de la Ley del SERUMS No 2330, haciendo enfasis en su funcion de mantener coordinacion permanente con los serumistas para optimizar el programa SERUMS.
YOUNGER SKIN: Serums (below from left) L''Occitane Fabulous Serum (pounds 28), YSL Forever Youth Liberator Serum (pounds 60) and Black Chicken Remedies Love Your Face serum, pounds 55 are at the cutting edge of beauty products
This unassuming product may take pride of place on every beauty editor's shelf but many women are yet to sign up to the serum club.
L'Occitane Divine Extract Ultimate Youth Serum pounds 65 New from L'Occitane, this is the latest addition to the Immortelle Range.
The introduction of our Nutri Serums line marks a true milestone for the body washes category," comments Philip Durocher, general manager of personal care at Colgate.
Joining the very best of eastern herbal science with western laboratory technology, BioTech Corporation has created a new hair growth serum for both men and women, delivered in a unique BioVector Lipid dermal system.
SERUMS TAKEOVER Widely hailed as the hero of skincare for complexions, it's little wonder that the beauty world has utilised the wonders of serum in other products.
Sales of No7 Protect & Perfect Serum increased by nearly 2,000%, with 13 sold every minute, after it was touted by the BBC Horizon programme as a cream that reduces wrinkles.
She tested the new serums available in the market for a period of three weeks and then asked Ms.