serum agglutinin

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ser·um ag·glu·ti·nin

(sēr'ŭm ă-glū'ti-nin)
An antibody that coats erythrocytes; the cells do not agglutinate when suspended in saline, but do agglutinate when suspended in serum or other protein media such as albumin.
Synonym(s): incomplete antibody (2) .
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The serum agglutinin test for Brucellosis was positive at 1/320 titer, and then blood culture grew Brucella melitensis.
Humoral parameters as serum agglutinins and lysozyme play a key role in binding and hydrolyzing nonself particles and microbes (Fisher et al.
The specificity of the serum agglutinins of Periplaneta americana and Schistocerca gregaria and its relationship to the insect's immune response.