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(ser'pen-tā'rē-ă, -tar'ē-ă),
The dried rhizome and roots of Aristolochia serpentaria, Virginia snakeroot, or of A. reticulata, Texas snakeroot (family Aristolochiaceae); a stomachic.
Synonym(s): snakeroot (1)
[L. snakeweed]
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As our 14-month-old daughter Jennifer was likely to goad said serpents into a retaliatory strike, we decided to give the Serpentarium a miss and seek out less dangerous animals instead, just eight miles away in Kylerhea.
jararaca were maintained under captivity in the serpentarium of the Universidade Regional de Blumenau, Santa Catarina State, Brazil (900238/Ibama).
On Skye, Jack was keen to stop at the Serpentarium.
ZOOLOGIST (animal expert) Scott Petersen at the Serpentarium and Reptile Zoo in Goldbar, Washington, will try anything to cure people of arachnophobia (fear of spiders)--even letting a Brazilian black tarantula crawl across his face.
I remember coming to Miami," she says wistfully, "using the Swinger to take photos in the serpentarium, the place that used to be called Parrot Jungle.
Jasmine, a 10ft boa, confounded experts at her Serpentarium in Broadford on the Isle of Skye - after giving birth to twice as many snakes as expected.
But some touches at the resort are jarring: there are snakes confined behind glass displays at Gamboa's serpentarium and alligators sit in display pits.
The first time was to visit its then principal attraction for outsiders, an establishment called the Serpentarium, which advertised itself as the largest reptile petshop in Europe.
Each year, an estimated half a million people visit Butantan's famous serpentarium, an open-air observation pit where a number of Brazil's poisonous and non-poisonous snakes can be seen sunning themselves or sheltering from the tropical rain.
The Skye Serpentarium allows children to handle snakes and to watch frogs and lizards in their natural surroundings.
Further demystification of snake handling comes from looking at the work of a professional snake milker like George Van Horn of Reptile World Serpentarium in Florida.