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(ser'pen-tā'rē-ă, -tar'ē-ă),
The dried rhizome and roots of Aristolochia serpentaria, Virginia snakeroot, or of A. reticulata, Texas snakeroot (family Aristolochiaceae); a stomachic.
Synonym(s): snakeroot (1)
[L. snakeweed]
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Colubrina clracon tia, Serpentaria gallorum, Erva de Sancta Maria.
Twenty-one of the 93 native species have C values of 7 or higher, including Carex careyana, Iris brevicaulis and Oligoneuron riddellii with C = 9, Amelanchier laevis, Aristolochia serpentaria, Asclepias exaltata, Carya laciniosa, Epifagus virginiana, Erigeron pulchellus, Trillium grandiflorum and Veronicastrum virginicum with C = 8, and 10 species with C = 7 (Appendix 1).
Daniel Murphy, trainer of Serpentaria "She hasn't been running up to her mark on the soft ground recently and we've been waiting for this good ground, so we hope for a good run.
The Jessica Harrington-trained Give It Time bids for back-to-back wins in the Grabel Mares Hurdle but, having her last run over timber before going chasing, might not cope with Serpentaria, a prolific winner last season before disappointing at the Festival here, when finishing behind both Voler La Vedette and Give It Time.
Virginia Snakeroot, Aristolochia serpentaria, has spread throughout the old frontier territories and presents a deadly danger.
FAVOURITES have landed this in all but one of the last six renewals and champion trainer Willie Mullins has saddled the last two winners in Tarkari and Serpentaria.
Four forb species had C [greater than or equal to] 7, including Aristolochia serpentaria, Comandra umbellata, Lysimachia lanceolata, and Tradescantia virginiana.
But Serpentaria might keep the Mullins bandwagon rolling.
That trainer supplied Walsh with his second winner as Serpentaria proved much too strong for her rivals in the conditions hurdle.
serpentaria is defined by being herbaceous plants (character 0) with reduced subtending leaves (13), clasping bracts (15), and short inflorescence internodes (18).