serology tests

serology tests (sērol´əjē), diagnostic tests of serum usually used to determine the immune or lytic properties of serum.
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According to the company, the molecular RT-PCR tests identify the presence of Zika virus RNA in a specimen, while antibody serology tests identify the presence of antibodies created by the body in response to infection.
Repeat serology tests are preferred for confirming the Dx
Cases with indications of the disease will be directed towards insurance and non-insurance laboratory referral and serology tests.
Historically, as in other areas of laboratory medicine, clinician requests for serology tests have been handwritten onto pre-printed request forms.
2] We present one such case in which we obtained black serum for hematology, biochemistry, and serology tests.
Routine blood investigations including hepatitis B human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and syphilis serology tests were done.
The serology tests were blindly performed on eluates obtained from the filter paper and serum at the Laboratory of the Centre for Diagnosis and Research (Laboratorio do Centro de Diagnostico e Pesquisa: CEDIP) of APAE Salvador, according to its laboratory routine.
1) Recommendations that emerged from that meeting resulted in guidelines for the serological protocol to aid in the diagnosis of LD as well as recommendations for interpretation of these serology tests.
serology tests are not available within the Netherlands, but because of known serologic cross-reactivity, antibody detection for Fasciola spp.
In addition, original serology tests, if they were done, can confirm whether there are celiac-specific antibodies.
WHO collaborating centers, all of them, will not take intellectual property right to stop the sharing of information and to stop or delay the development of diagnostic tests or serology tests," Chan stressed.