serological test

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serological test

Etymology: L, serum, whey, testum, crucible
any diagnostic test made with serum.


pertaining to or emanating from serology.

serological test
one involving examination of blood serum usually for antibody.
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3) Hepatitis B serological tests are done only if serum aminotransferases are elevated in the absence of another known cause (e.
Consequently, confirmatory serological tests often are used.
Therefore, the challenge in this area of medicine lies almost exclusively in the diagnosis of early-stage RA, which can be accomplished only with novel serological tests, imaging techniques, or RA biomarkers.
Focus Diagnostics also introduced the first laboratory developed test for SARS and one of the first FDA-cleared serological test kits for Lyme disease.
1 - polystyrene round-bottom tubes without scales, not sterile serological test with a capacity of 4 to 5 ml and dimensions of 12x75mm.
Focus Diagnostics also introduced the first laboratory developed test for SARS and the first FDA-cleared serological test kit for Lyme disease.
These results indicate that mammaglobin has the potential of being used as the basis for a serological test for breast cancer in the nature of the PSA test currently used for prostate cancer.
Experts will cut the car seats and use them for serological tests.
We performed serological tests on day 60, 61, 69 and 91 after the onset of the disease.
The presence of anti-nuclear antibodies can be used in conjunction with other serological tests and clinical findings to aid in the diagnosis of systemic lupus erythematosus and other systemic rheumatic diseases.
The anti-virus labs of the Public Health Department and the Faculty of Medicine, Kuwait University, conduct serological tests on possible patients to diagnose the case before taking the next steps.
Serological tests are conducted when an infection is suspected.