serologic diagnosis

se·ro·lo·gic di·ag·no·sis

(sērō-lojik dīăg-nōsis)
Identification and diagnosis of disease based on findings of serum markers specific to that condition.
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However, Brucella serologic diagnosis is poorly specific, due to antigenic cross-reactions (e.g., Y enterocolitica 0:9) and residual antibodies related to past exposure in patients from Brucella-endemic areas (3).
Recommendations for test performance and interpretation from the Second National Conference on Serologic Diagnosis of Lyme Disease.
(2) It is probably underdiagnosed by ophthalmologists due to difficulty in the serologic diagnosis of the disease, as well as its nonspecific symptoms.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends taking 2 serum samples to establish a serologic diagnosis of brucellosis.
Proceedings of the second national conference on serologic diagnosis of Lyme disease, Dearborn, Ml, 27-29 October 1994.
Therefore, to increase the specificity and sensitivity of the serologic diagnosis of NPC, an IgG immunoblot test should be performed as a confirmatory assay.
Serologic diagnosis of dengue is either made by detection of dengue viral antigen, anti DENV antibodies IgM and IgG which appear in blood between 5-7 days after the onset of illness12.
The largest published study of CSDE is a 61-patient series that's 16 years old, predating the advent of serologic diagnosis. This is a major problem with the cat-scratch disease literature in general: The largest studies, which certainly aren't all that big, are old.
In the absence of hemorrhagic complications, dengue fever is considered relatively benign, but serologic diagnosis is important nonetheless.
It is necessary to establish a novel specific serologic diagnosis of HTNV infection.
Current Zika virus testing guidance recommends Zika virus serologic diagnosis only for symptomatic patients with a clinically compatible Zika virus illness (3).
Non-treponemal tests, including the rapid plasma reagin test and the venereal disease research laboratory test, have historically been used as the initial screening tests for the serologic diagnosis of syphilis.