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Referring to the criticality of a patient/event outcome or action criterion

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Q. Ebola is serious I heard that Ebola is serious disease crapping out the inner lining of our intestines, the lining of our tongue peeling off, blood comming out of every hole in our body, including our nips. not too much fun. Could anyone tell me about the treatment for this. So this can educate me and other who read this.

A. Ebola is classified as a biosafety level 4 agent (EXTREME HAZARD-full precautions required, NO KNOWN vaccine/cure), as well as a Category A bioterrorism agent by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. and that's because it's highly violent and with no cure or vaccine.

Q. Masturbation - How serious is it? One of my friend who is 32 years old caught into the habit of masturbation for the past 3 years. He is seeking for help to overcome it. Now i want to know to help him and also like to know for myself about the GOOD and BAD results of masturbation.

A. Masturbation is something that a large percentage of the worlds population does at one point or another. It is normal, a normal part of life as you begin to explore your body.

As long as you do it safely and within the confines of your own home you will be fine. Just make sure to not let it rule your life. For example, dont stay home from work just because you want to masturbate. Make sure you keep your priorities in order.

Q. why is fibromyalgia not taken seriously? We take some illness like cancer, very serious. But why is fibromyalgia not taken seriously?

A. You are the 30th person who is asking this question to me. Well, in reality, fibromyalgia is taken quite a bit more seriously than it was just a few short years ago. This is probably due to the fact that recent information regarding certain chemical substances seems to validate a physical origin for many of the substances of fibromyalgia. For example, lower levels of Serotonin in the brain may point to why some fibromyalgia patients have such low pain threshold. Likewise, higher levels of a chemical known as Substance P in many individuals with fibromyalgia speaks of this as well. There also seems to be a great amount of disagreement over the involvement of various mood disorders, such as anxiety and depression.

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Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India] January 9 ( ANI ): Former Karnataka chief minister D V Sadananda Gowda on Monday advised Siddaramaiah to administer with seriousness after the latter questioned his Uttar Pradesh counterpart Yogi Adityanath for criticising people's food habits.
Everyone should show seriousness for timely elections,' he said while demanding of the supremacy of the law and stability of democratic institutions.
Abu Rudeineh added thatPresident Abbas warned of the seriousness of .
A spokesman for the SNP said: "The fact that these allegations have now been reported to Police Scotland, in line with the advice of the Electoral Commission, underlines the seriousness of this matter for Alexander Burnett and Ruth Davidson.
12(SUNA)-Representative of President of the Republic and federal Minister of Culture, Al-Tayeb Hassan Bedawi renewed the Government seriousness to reach lasting peace over the Two Areas, calling on the gun-holders to be serious to solve the issue.
Riyadh, Rajab 7, 1437, Apr 14, 2016, SPA -- Defense Ministry of Yemen accused coup rebels in the country of lack of seriousness with regard to a peaceful settlement.
A STATEMENT made by government spokesman Nicos Christodoulides last Tuesday, I think, was adequate to show the full extent of the irresponsibility, ineptitude, sloppiness and complete lack of seriousness in the handling of the Cyprus problem.
No seriousness is being shown and no importance is given to the parliament.
Haider al-Abadi said on Tuesday in a telephone conversation with Saudi Crown Prince Salman bin Abdul Aziz on the seriousness of the threat posed by IS gangs not on Iraq but also on the region and the world.
LAKKI MARWAT -- Taking serious notice of the absence of heads of line departments from the meeting of polio eradication committee, Deputy Commissioner Syed Zafar Shah said that eliminating the fatal disease was a national cause and lack of seriousness on part of the government officials in this regard would not be tolerated at all.
Synopsis: More than four in 10 Americans say the seriousness of global warming is generally exaggerated, while one in three say it is generally underestimated and about one in four say it is generally correct.
Summary: Ahmad Jarba said Sunday that his National Coalition would return for a second round of "Geneva II" peace talks, challenging world powers to demonstrate the same level of seriousness as his opposition group.