serine protease inhibitors

ser·ine pro·te·ase in·hib·i·tors

a class of highly polymorphic inhibitors of trypsin, elastase, and certain other proteases synthesized by hepatocytes and macrophages
See also: α1-antitrypsin.
Synonym(s): serpins
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KalVista is an ophthalmology company with a primary focus on diabetic macular edema (DME) and deep expertise in the discovery and development of serine protease inhibitors.
The serine protease inhibitors have been reported from various plant families with varying inhibition efficacy.
A dimeric 70-kDa chymotrypsin inhibitor with substantial N-terminal sequence homology to serine protease inhibitors was isolated from Acacia confusa seeds.
In vitro resistance studies of hepatitis C virus serine protease inhibitors, VX-950 and BILN 2061: structural analysis indicates different resistance mechanisms.
Treatment benefit is accomplished by restoring the proper balance of key natural serine protease inhibitors, known as inter-alpha inhibitor proteins (IaIp).
The hK6 monoclonal antibody was used as the capture antibody; the rabbit polyclonal hK6 detection antibody was replaced with rabbit antibodies against each of six common serine protease inhibitors ([[alpha].
PSA exists in three major forms in serum: free PSA (f-PSA) and PSA complexed to the serine protease inhibitors alphal-antichymotrypsin (PSA-ACT) and alpha2-macroglobulin (PSA-AMG).
Curacyte Discovery is engaged in the development of synthetic serine protease inhibitors in the area of hemostasis and anti-coagulation.
Most of the serine protease inhibitors from different sources have been found to have considerable medical and industrial importance and they are being extensively studied to obtain an insight into mechanisms for understanding the specificity of inhibition of enzyme catalysis.
Arriva and ProMetic formed a joint venture in 1999 to develop and commercialize recombinant alpha 1-antitrypsin (AAT) and other serine protease inhibitors for the treatment of various inflammatory conditions, including dermatological diseases such as atopic dermatitis and psoriasis.
MultiCell's highly functional, immortalized human hepatocytes naturally produce plasma proteins including inter-alpha-inhibitor proteins (I(alpha)Ip), serine protease inhibitors that have been found valuable as a treatment for sepsis in preclinical studies.

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