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a naturally occurring, nonessential amino acid, used as a dietary supplement, in biological studies and tests, and in culture media.

ser·ine (S, Ser),

2-Amino-3-hydroxypropanoic acid; the l-isomer is one of the amino acids occurring in proteins.


/ser·ine/ (Ser) (S) (sēr´ēn) a naturally occurring nonessential amino acid present in many proteins.


An amino acid, C3H7NO3, that is a common constituent of many proteins.

serine (Ser)

a nonessential amino acid found in many proteins in the body (e.g., casein, vitellin). It is synthesized from glycine or threonin and a precursor of the amino acids purine, cysteine, and others. It can be found in urine. See also amino acid, protein.
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Chemical structure of serine


A gene on chromosome 11q12-q13.1 that encodes a highly glycosylated plasma protein which regulates the complement cascade by inhibiting activated C1r and C1s, thereby preventing complement activation.

Molecular pathology
C1-INH/SERPING1 deficiency is associated with hereditary angioneurotic oedema (HANE).


(S) (sĕr'ēn)
One of the amino acids occurring in proteins.


A non-essential amino acid found as a component of most proteins. It is a precursor of choline, glucine, cysteine and pyruvate. Serine is present in most diets but most of the body serine is synthesized.
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Fig. 282 Serine . Molecular structure.

serine (S, Ser)

one of 20 AMINO ACIDS common in proteins. It has a polar ‘R’ group structure and is soluble in water. See Fig. 282 . The ISOELECTRIC POINT of serine is 5.7.


One of the amino acids occurring in proteins.

serine (Ser) (serēn´),

n a nonessential amino acid found in many proteins in the body. It is a precursor of the amino acids glycine and cysteine.


Ser; a naturally occurring amino acid.
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A research team led by Dieter Jenne at the Max Planck Institute of Neurobiology in Martinsried has come across a previously unknown protease in humans: neutrophil serine protease 4, or NSP4.
On the LiChrosphere column the dabsyl serine peak was found to elute close to the huge glutamine peak during the 1st step of this procedure (18).
to jointly develop monoclonal antibodies and peptides as new cancer therapeutics targeting two lead serine proteases isolated and characterized by Corvas.
Serine dusters' high stability and selectivity have convinced the researchers that left-handed serine must have forced its chemical siblings to follow its lead.
1] for the rate enhancement of the amino acid serine is really 1.
The findings published in Chemistry & Biology show that pharmacological activation of PKM2 in cancer cells makes those cells dependent on the availability of the amino acid serine for continued survival.
para]]"This is a significant milestone for the company and shows the power of Abide's unique approach to target the validated but largely underexplored class of serine hydrolases," said Alan Ezekowitz, MBChB, D.
Phosphorylation of certain serine at ER may relate to breast cancer process and on-going treatment.
There are more than 200 serine hydrolases in human cells, but for most we've lacked chemical inhibitors of their activity," said team leader Benjamin F.
They screened a group of enzymes known as serine hydrolases by measuring the activity levels of these enzymes in normal prostate epithelial cells and in three standard prostate cancer cell lines.
All of the genes encode for secreted serine proteases with molecular masses of ~30 kDa.
This defect changes an amino acid within KCNQ1 from a serine to a glycine.

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