serial sections

se·ri·al sec·tions

(sēr'ē-ăl sek'shŭnz)
One of a number of consecutive microscopic sections.
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The system incorporates a 300-slide autoloader that supports multiple 1x3 and 2x3 inch slides and registration of serial sections for 3D reconstruction, along with 6x8 inch slides for large specimen imaging.
Serial sections (small wedge, defect open; small wedge, defect closed; large wedge, defect open; large wedge, defect closed [equivalent to a protruding ear]; and pinnectomy) were undertaken, and the sound intensity changes assessed.
Three sets of 15 consecutive serial sections, each measuring 3-5 [micro]m in thickness and mounted on separate slides, were prepared from each case at one sitting, taking care to always use the same microtome in order not to lose any tissue in between sections.
Serial sections of cervical and thoracic segments of 6wks.
Egg shells were opened up and hearts with great vessels were dissected out from embryos and were fixed, processed and then embedded in paraffin for spaced serial sections of 15 to 20 micrometre thickness.
Typically, researchers mount resin-embedded specimens on the ultramicrotome, cutting serial sections that then float on a water surface in the diamond knife trough.
Staining was not seen in serial sections stained with the isotype antibody (Figure 1, panel E) or with no antibodies.
Third, perpendicular serial sections of the AoV were performed and processed for microscopic examination (Figure 1).
Although multiple histologic serial sections of the brain were examined and a brain squash performed and analyzed, no Baylisascaris larvae were found.
New street Alytus II serial sections from uvintas Street to the city limits to the installation of separation stages (stage III - Miklusenu from the street to the new Putin street intersections (including intersection)) reconstruction works.
Slide linking and side-by-side review enable rapid comparison between serial sections of brightfield and fluorescent samples.
From the paraffin blocks 2 um thick serial sections were cut and stained using immunohistochemistry.