serial passage

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se·ri·al pas·sage

successive transfer of an infectious agent through a series of cultures or experimental animals, usually to attenuate pathogenicity.
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Nagabayashi, "Attenuation of infectious bursal disease virus by serial passage through chicken embryonated eggs and chicken and duck embryonic fibroblasts," Virus, vol.
This observation supports that serial passage also influenced transcriptional levels of differentiation-associated markers in MSCs.
And after an average 15 serial passages, that virus was irreversibly extinguished--repeatedly.
The paper also described the process of getting a particularly virulent strain of FMDV "by serial passage of FMDV O1 Lausanne in pigs," a process designed to generate new recombinant viruses.
And Miller, L.K., Effects of serial passage of Autographa Californica nuclear polyhedrosis virus in cell culture, Virus Research, Vol.
Branched ductal-like structures and serial passage. After 3 weeks of co-culture, single SC were seeded into uncoated 6-well plates until free-floating spheres formed.
Serial passage from the suspected case was initiated only in the VM mouse line because subpassage of BSE in this line gives rise to the mouse-adapted BSE strain 301V, which has a characteristically short IP that can be used to discriminate BSE from scrapie (23).
In that study investigators failed to observe an increase in viral shedding from symptomatic piglets upon serial passage, despite successful intracellular detection of viral RNA and newly synthesized virus-encoded protein in host cells dying of apoptosis.
Serial passage of the virus on Vero cells to obtain a tertiary viral stock yielded 9.1 x [10.sup.8] copies/mL.