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A person who has many sexual partners in his or her lifetime, but only one at a time. Some serial monogamists are incapable of long-term commitment for a long period of time
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KISSING; SERIAL MONOGAMY; CURVES; SUPER SKINNY; SHAPE UP: Men prefer Marilyn Monroe's curves to Victoria Beckham's skinny frame, left; SCENT; BLONDES; LONG HAIR; STYLE GUILE: Christina Aguilera proves blondes have more fun, centre, while Girls Aloud's long hair is said to be an attractive trait; WIGGLE WALK WAY: Kelly Brook's wiggle catches the eye
The problem that we have currently in Africa is that a lot of people, because of their own lifestyle, because of the number of concurrent partners they've had from so-called serial monogamy, they count back and say, 'Wow, I've had five sexual partners in my life, I must be HIV positive' So they live their lives thinking they are positive.
In addition, even though the definition of marriage remained, "one man married to one woman," this definition too had undergone change from traditional monogamy (one man married to one woman until death) to include serial monogamy (one man married to one woman at a time) so that society could respond to the rapid rate of divorce and remarriage.
'The rising divorce rate, coupled with the growing trend for serial monogamy can mean that family structures can be very complicated, with children from several relationships being involved in step families.'
Until the age at marriage started rising in the twentieth century, most divorces occurred soon after marriage, and it was customary for both parties to remarry, sometimes several times in what could be called serial monogamy. For a time in the early twentieth century, divorcees carried a stigma.
However, it is common for African men and women to have more than one--typically two or three--concurrent partnerships which overlap for long periods, a pattern which differs from both the serial monogamy more common in the west, and the casual and commercial sexual encounters that occur everywhere.
The lifetime commitment that marriage is meant to solemnize and celebrate is cheapened by every "Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire?" television show, every gold-digging playmate who marries an octogenarian, every celebrity who practices serial monogamy and every instance of a wink-wink attitude toward adultery.
"Serial monogamy" and cheating are proof that human beings enjoy being with more than one mate in life.
``In this era of built-in obsolescence, serial monogamy and ubiquitous divorce, the notion of eternal and enduring love with one's soul mate seems about as outmoded as the iron mangle'' -TV personality Vanessa Feltz.``We do have a black labrador, but she is not called Millie.
In this era of built-in obsolescence, serial monogamy and ubiquitous divorce, the notion of eternal and enduring love with one's soulmate seems about as outmoded as the iron mangle TV personality Vanessa Feltz.
This is especially noteworthy because sexually active teens have, by definition, incurred one risk factor for cervical cancer: early age at first coitus and often have had multiple partners even if they engage in serial monogamy.
It seems like the recipe for serial monogamy: not him, not him, and not him.