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A person who has many sexual partners in his or her lifetime, but only one at a time. Some serial monogamists are incapable of long-term commitment for a long period of time
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Thus both cohabiting and serial monogamy had moved from an undesirable marital and family form in the 1980's to a much more acceptable form of "marriage" in the 21 century.
Until the age at marriage started rising in the twentieth century, most divorces occurred soon after marriage, and it was customary for both parties to remarry, sometimes several times in what could be called serial monogamy.
However, it is common for African men and women to have more than one--typically two or three--concurrent partnerships which overlap for long periods, a pattern which differs from both the serial monogamy more common in the west, and the casual and commercial sexual encounters that occur everywhere.
television show, every gold-digging playmate who marries an octogenarian, every celebrity who practices serial monogamy and every instance of a wink-wink attitude toward adultery.
In this era of built-in obsolescence, serial monogamy and ubiquitous divorce, the notion of eternal and enduring love with one's soulmate seems about as outmoded as the iron mangle TV personality Vanessa Feltz.
In this era of built-in obsolescence, serial monogamy and ubiquitous divorce, the notion of eternal and enduring love with one's soul mate seems about as outmoded as the iron mangle'' -TV personality Vanessa Feltz.
This is especially noteworthy because sexually active teens have, by definition, incurred one risk factor for cervical cancer: early age at first coitus and often have had multiple partners even if they engage in serial monogamy.
Sexually active teenagers are likely to engage in serial monogamy, but that practice ends in multiple sexual partners, increasing the potential exposure to HPV.
If this is indeed the case, then late capitalism has evidently decided that what is best for us and our children is serial monogamy, frequent changes of employment, and a high degree of instability.
It is far easier for men to find the situation that suits them, and many opt for a pattern of serial monogamy, sometimes involving marriage or remarriage, but more often not.
Gay men jokingly refer to serial monogamy as "love 'em and leave 'em" or, when carried to excess, "jump 'em, hump 'em, and dump 'em.
Hurston's text does not conflate women's sexuality with a "morality" defined by monogamy, for example; however, it does represent Janie as heterosexual, and it endorses serial monogamy rather than multiple partnerships.