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Emile, French physician, 1867-1943. See: Sergent white line, Bernard-Sergent syndrome.
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While we were waiting, Sergeant Cuff looked through the evergreen arch on our left, spied out our rosery, and walked straight in, with the first appearance of anything like interest that he had shown yet.
"You seem to be fond of roses, Sergeant?" I remarked.
"A young lady's tongue is a privileged member, sir," says the Sergeant to Mr.
"That's not so bad," said the sergeant, reflecting; "even if I was forced to halt here nigh two hours, that'll do.
"Well!" said the sergeant, "they'll find themselves trapped in a circle, I expect, sooner than they count on.
She drew a pitcher of beer from the cask, for the soldiers, and invited the sergeant to take a glass of brandy.
The sergeant picked up a card which lay beside the dead man on the floor.
The sergeant kept turning it over in his big fingers.
"We'd best put it back on the rug where we found it," said the sergeant, scratching his puzzled head in his perplexity.
It was necessary to compel him to open it, as the sergeant had been compelled to speak, and this took another ten minutes.
Athos fancied he could detect an air of equivocal bonhomie upon the countenance of the sergeant; but the adventure of the vault might have excited the curiosity of the man, and it was not surprising that he allowed some of the feelings which agitated his mind to appear in his face.
"Yes, your honor," said the sergeant; "it is the same."