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Occurring in sequence.
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(se'kwens) [L. sequentia, the following, context]
1. The order or occurrence of a series of related events.
2. The arrangement of nucleotides in a nucleic acid molecule. sequential (se-kwen'chal), adjective

Goldenhar sequence

See: Goldenhar sequence

pulse sequence

In magnetic resonance imaging, a series of radio waves designed to produce proton stimulation necessary to create the image.

randomization sequence

The order in which newly enrolled patients are entered either into active treatment or into the placebo branch of a clinical trial.

spacer sequence

The genetic material on a chromosome that separates actively transcribed genes. It may make up the largest part of the genome of some eukaryotic organisms and often consists of tandem repeats of DNA. Synonym: spacer DNA

terminator sequence

In genetics, a specific series of nucleotides that instructs a cell to stop transcribing a gene.
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APAC (Asia Pacific) sales of $1,488 million decreased 2[??] from prior year but increased 4[??] sequentially. Excluding negative currency, sales grew 4[??] versus the prior year and 5[??] sequentially.
Non-interest income declined 1 per cent y-o-y and 13 per cent sequentially to AED 763 million in 3Q'15; 9M'15 non-interest income was AED 2.536 billion, flat y-o-y.
Net charges in the second quarter were Dh166 million, down 2 per cent sequentially and 23 per cent year-over-year.
Note [y.sub.n] [member of] F([x.sub.n]), [x.sub.n] [??] x, [y.sub.n] [??] y implies y [member of] F(x) since F has weakly sequentially closed graph.
(iii) sequentially nearly v-continuous if for each point x [member of] X and each sequence <[x.sub.n]>[[right arrow].sup.U] x [member of] X, there exists a subsequence <[x.sub.nk]> of <[x.sub.n]> such that <f([x.sub.nk])> [[right arrow].sup.U]f(x).
In the quarter under review, profit from sales of personal systems rose 23.01 percent on YOY basis but fell 12.26 percent sequentially.
Ericsson said that its operating margin was stable at 10%, despite lower sales compared with last year's first quarter, but declined sequentially as a result of seasonally lower sales.
The markets rebounded a bit in the second half of 2009 but were still down overall from 2008, the firm notes.<p>Nonetheless, the Ethernet switch market grew 15% sequentially in the fourth quarter of 2009, to $4.2 billion.
Lenovo's shipments rose 22.9% sequentially, according to iSuppli Corp.
We also ask participants to work through a series of one-paragraph caselets, which address a sequence of lifecycle integration issues of a new generation of night vision goggles encountered sequentially over a period of years.
The material cost for 1,000 meters of a sequentially co-extruded clamp profile total up to 336 Euros compared to 569 Euros for a conventionally manufactured profile (metal carrier covered with EPDM).
Highlights for the fourth quarter include: revenues of $18.4 M, up 8 percent sequentially and 36 percent year-over-year.