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Occurring in sequence.
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(se'kwens) [L. sequentia, the following, context]
1. The order or occurrence of a series of related events.
2. The arrangement of nucleotides in a nucleic acid molecule. sequential (se-kwen'chal), adjective

Goldenhar sequence

See: Goldenhar sequence

pulse sequence

In magnetic resonance imaging, a series of radio waves designed to produce proton stimulation necessary to create the image.

randomization sequence

The order in which newly enrolled patients are entered either into active treatment or into the placebo branch of a clinical trial.

spacer sequence

The genetic material on a chromosome that separates actively transcribed genes. It may make up the largest part of the genome of some eukaryotic organisms and often consists of tandem repeats of DNA. Synonym: spacer DNA

terminator sequence

In genetics, a specific series of nucleotides that instructs a cell to stop transcribing a gene.
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Aberdeen trial of sequential docetaxel after CVAP yielded 31% pCR, 93% survival at 63 months follow up and they concluded that most active drug in CVAP protocol include Adriamycin and cyclophosphamide, combination of AC has been extensively studied hence it would be appropriate to treat LABC with sequential AC-Docetaxel chemotherapy.
Final analysis was done on 45 patients (63.4%) in the conventional treatment arm and 26 (36.6%) in the sequential treatment arm (Table 1).
In a sequential contribution environment, the decision of the leader may depend crucially on the size of the population on which he may have an influence.
Periodic pattern mining can be viewed as an extension of sequential pattern mining by taking durations as a set of partitioned sequences, for example we take all the weather data of every year as a sequence.
In the absence of mitigants, the senior notes of a pro-rata structure would need more credit support to justify the same rating as those in a sequential structure.
Until now, the scarcity of sequential treatment studies and lack of supporting data limit the application of sequential treatment to be recommended clinically.
Sales for high-speed diesel posted a 15 percent rise on a sequential basis, touching 889,000 tons during May 2018 but were flat on a YoY basis.
Autoblog has reported that the automaker's patent filings reveal a sequential setup in which both turbos share an exhaust outlet.
- US-based neovascular retinal disease treatment developer Allegro Ophthalmics, LLC has reported that its DEL MAR Phase 2b Stage 2 clinical trial met its primary endpoint when used as a sequential therapy in patients with diabetic macular edema, the company said.
up to 5.4 times faster on sequential read performance and up to 3.8 times

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