sequence-tagged sites

se·quence-tagged sites (STSs),

short stretches of DNA sequences that can be detected by use of the polymerase chain reaction.
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The research methods such as linkage analysis using sequence-tagged sites (STS) markers, Sanger sequencing, and whole genome single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) array are time-consuming and costly, particularly when several genes are known to cause a particular disorder.
The sequences and biological annotations in GenBank and the collaborating databases EMBL and DDBJ are submitted primarily by individual authors to one of the three databases in the categories of EST (Expressed sequence tags) STS (Sequence-tagged sites) GSS (genome survey sequences)
Four sequence-tagged sites (STS) and one SSR were mapped on the Ogle x TAM O-301 population (Portyanko et al., 2001), four STS and five SSR markers were mapped on the 'Kanota' x Ogle population (Pal et al., 2002), and two novel SSR were mapped on the Ogle x 'MAM17-5' population (Zhu and Kaeppler, 2003).
Conserved sequence-tagged sites: a phylogenetic approach to genome mapping.

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