sequence tagged site

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sequence tagged site (STS)

a short, unique DNA sequence, usually 100 to 500bp in length, that can easily be identified and that occurs once in the CHROMOSOME or GENOME being studied. Where different STSs are found they can be useful in the mapping of genomes.
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Specific sequence tagged site (STS) analysis of AZFc: Analysis of AZFc specific STSs was performed on genomic DNA by PCR using sY1291 (specific for gr/gr) and sY1191 (specific for b2/b3).
Target Genes and Sequence Tagged Site Markers for Marker-Assisted Selection
67 per cent of the total deletion detected in the patients, using sY239, sY242, sY254 and sY255 sequence tagged sites which are specific for DAZ gene.
Once cloned, fragments can easily be sequenced, with sequences used to develop primers specific to a given sequence and used as sequence tagged sites (STSs) (Chaffin and Hamilton, 1998).

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