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Relating to, suffering from, or resulting from septicemia.
Synonym(s): septicaemic.
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Pathogenesis of FT and PD: Fowl typhoid is acute or chronic septicaemic disease of adult birds although young birds are less susceptible.
pseudomallei and have been used effectively to treat patients with septicaemic melioidosis [10,11].
Isolation of Listeria ivanovii from a septicaemic chinchilla (Chinchilla lanigera).
If a glass is pressed firmly on a septicaemic rash, the marks will not fade.
Coroner Michael Sheffield concluded that the cause of death was septicaemic shock and recorded a verdict of misadventure.
He suffered septicaemic shock, renal failure, liver problems, neurological problems and psychiatric injuries.
Pneumonic is the rarest strain, with around 2% of cases, compared with bubonic and septicaemic plague.
Other symptoms in babies can be a tense or bulging spot on the head, blotchy skin, getting paler or turning blue, refusing to feed, irritability anda high moaning cry, stiff body with jerky movements or floppy and lifeless The septicaemic rash starts off as tiny red or purple pinpricks anywhere on the body, developing into what appears to be bruises.
(and %) of cases Clostridium difficile (cytotoxin-positive) 18 (36%) Laxatives/suppositories/bowel preparations 14 (28%) Antibiotics (C difficile-negative) 6 (12%) NSAIDs 3 (6%) Faecal impaction/overflow incontinence 2 (4%) Undetermined 2 (4%) Campylobacter jejuni 1 (2%) Colchicine 1 (2%) Coeliac disease (newly diagnosed) 1 (2%) Dietary 1 (2%) Septicaemic shock 1 (2%) NSAIDs, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.
It is an acute or chronic septicaemic disease that usually affects the adult birds (Chappell et al.
It is a acute septicaemic disease principally affecting cattle and buffaloes which has emerged as disease of great economic importance in South East Asia after virtual eradication of Rinderpest from Asia (Mustafa et al.,1978; Bain et al., 1982; Carter and De Alwis,1992; Singh et al.,1996).