septic wound

sep·tic wound

a wound that has become infected.
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Five of them had hand operations that were not billed for at all by the hospital (debridement and reduction of open fracture, debridement and removal of foreign body, debridement of deep septic wound, debridement and arthrotomy for joint-penetrating wound, and debridement with digital neurolysis and closure of wound).
Health workers tried to control the sugar but it was not possible because she had a septic wound due to FGM.
Out of 71, 3(4%) of TAH patients had septic wound. Out of 52, 2 (3.8%) patients of VH had vault haematoma and 1 patient of VH had pelvic abscess.
Muller G 1997 Vacuum dressing in septic wound treatment Langenbecks Archiv fur Chirurgie Supplement Kongressband 114, 537-541
A PATIENT with a septic wound was forced to go without antibiotics for 24 hours at a Birmingham hospital because they had run out.
The play's politics are contentious, but it feels like Adam is peeling back and forcing us to examine a septic wound: There's something visceral and all too believable in the picture it paints.
Survivors of the nation's worst natural disaster in modern times received the benefit of not having to call a toll-free telephone number to precertify their hospital admission or worry about whether or not the doctor treating their septic wound was in their PPO network.
Necrotizing fascitis: Challenging management of a septic wound. Orthopaedic Nursing, 18(2), 11-19.
A cat with a septic wound was allowed to suffer for a month after its owner failed to take it to a vet.
She said cases of botched surgery can end up at A&E with people arriving with septic wounds from procedures done abroad.
Her lower limbs had septic wounds with puss and maggots.
A further 293 young men were undergoing hospital treatment for dehydration, gangrene and septic wounds, Kupelo added.