septic metritis

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septic metritis

An obsolete term for acute endometritis; e.g., puerperal sepsis, acute necrotising endometritis.


inflammation of the uterus.

contagious equine metritis
called also CEM. See contagious equine metritis.
metritis dissecans
metritis with necrosis of portions of the uterine wall.
puerperal metritis
infection of the pregnant uterus.
purulent metritis
septic metritis
metritis with a severe systemic reaction, either as a toxemia or a septicemia.
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After acquiring all the information and per rectal examination animals were treated for septic metritis with combinations of drugs like Ciprofloxacin and Tinidazole combination (Cflox Tz IU (a)) @ 60 ml intrauterine.
It can be used in field condition to treat septic metritis cases due to retention of foetal membranes.
Two animals did not recover as they were suffering from septic metritis and was refractory to the treatment.