septic arthritis

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sup·pu·ra·tive ar·thri·tis

acute inflammation of synovial membranes, with purulent effusion into a joint, due to bacterial infection; the usual route of infection is hemic to the synovial tissue, causing destruction of the articular cartilage; may become chronic, with sinus formation, osteomyelitis, deformity, and disability.
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septic arthritis

Bacterial arthritis, infectious arthritis, non-gonococcal bacterial arthritis Rheumatology A non-gonococcal infection of a joint, which develops when bacteria spread to a joint Clinical Rapid onset with joint swelling, intense pain, low-grade fever Risk factors Concurrent bacterial infection, chronic illness, immunosuppression, rheumatoid arthritis, IVDA, recent joint trauma, or recent joint arthroscopy or surgery; it is not uncommon in children < age 3, affecting primarily the hip, in adults, knee involvement is more common Agents in children Group B streptococcus, H influenzae
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Septic arthritis

Another name for infectious arthritis.
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Primary meningococcal septic arthritis is an uncommon entity that warrants a high index of suspicion.
He and his team reviewed 60 cases of acute, isolated monoarthritis culled from more than 700 children who presented with joint complaints from 2011 to 2016; 47 had Lyme arthritis confirmed by western blot; 13 had septic arthritis.
Septic arthritis of the sacroiliac joint is rare, and it represents only 1-2% of total cases of septic arthritis [7].
Vieira, "Septic arthritis presenting as brachial plexus neuropathy," BMJ Case Reports, vol.
The range of GCS-dependent diseases is broad, including infections related to the respiratory system, skin infections and soft tissue infections, necrotizing fasciitis, streptococcal toxic shock syndrome, septic arthritis, osteomyelitis, endocarditis, and bacteremia.
A clinical diagnosis of septic arthritis of the TMJ was made by the oral and maxillofacial consultant.
Septic arthritis is an important differential diagnosis to consider in athletes presenting with an acutely swollen joint as the clinical presentation is similar to that of SB.
In the study used to develop the Netherlands rule, no patients with a high probability of gout had septic arthritis. The ability of the rule to differentiate between gout and septic arthritis was tested retrospectively in 33 patients with acute gout (podagra excluded) diagnosed by the presence of monosodium urate joint crystals and 27 patients with septic arthritis diagnosed by positive bacterial culture.
Septic arthritis is an arthropathy caused by an intra-articular infection that leads to joint destruction.
Septic arthritis is caused by an infection within a joint.
Mr Robinson had only had the bike - a black and orange KTM 660 - for a couple of months and ridden it once as he had been admitted to hospital over the Christmas period with septic arthritis in his leg.