septal artery

sep·tal ar·ter·y

a branch of the superior labial artery that supplies the lower part of the nasal septum.
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sep·tal ar·te·ry

(septăl ahrtĕr-ē)
Branch of superior labial artery that supplies lower part of nasal septum.
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After balloon inflation, angiographic contrast was injected through the balloon catheter together with simultaneous transthoracic two-dimensional myocardial contrast echocardiography to determine the extent of the myocardium supplied by the selected septal artery. After delineation of the size of targeted myocardium, 1-4 ml of alcohol was slowly (1 ml/min) injected.
Coronary angiography showing thrombi in the mid (extending to first septal artery) and distal left anterior descending artery (right anterior oblique cranial view)
At the posterior insertion of the nasal septum, the branch makes a 90[degrees] anterior turn and becomes the posterior septal artery.
The mucoperichondrial septal flap, pedicled on the posterior septal artery, is a useful flap when endoscopic repair is considered.
In addition, the first septal artery (originating from the descending artery) irrigates the conduction system in a double irrigation with AV node artery (originating from RCA at the crux cordis).
Right superior septal artery with "normal" right coronary and ectopic "early" aortic origin: a contribution to the vascular supply of the interventricular septum of the human heart.
This finding is consistent with this theory because proximal LAD occlusion before septal artery may lead to RBBB due to septal ischemia.
A second article about control of anterior epistaxis by suture of the anterior septal artery, "A new ligation approach to the management of chronic epistaxis" by Samuel G.
Depending on the septal artery size and the septal thickness, 1-3 mL of absolute ethanol is slowly instilled through the lumen of the inflated balloon catheter and left in place for 5 minutes.